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Google Chrome Updates itself from Opera W/O being Loaded !

  • Anyone explain this? Google Chrome directory Default will update some of it's files after I closed Opera - Point being that Google Chrome is NOT loaded.

    Example of files that I have seen are in the Default / Sync Data directory, and in the Default directory files (History, Favicons, Preferences).

    This was related to another problem that I found, and I was wondering is this not a violation of user permissions? Anyone see this before?

    This is not a one time thing; it's programmed.

  • Not happening here. Are you sure it's not just Opera's files being updated after Opera has been closed, what is expected?

  • @leocg

    What I did is renamed Google to GoogleX in your Apps / Local directory. Then you can run Google from taskbar, and it will create a new vanilla version with a Google directory (beside your GoogleX).

    Take note of the Default directory files (History, Favicons, Preferences) date stamp, as they will be updated randomly over the next 24 hours when you start and exit Opera (multiple times).

    The Default / (Storage / Snyc Data) directories update less frequently.

    Don't run Google while you are testing it out. You can always delete the Google directory and rename GoogleX, back to original Google to get you previous settings back.

    It's updated again today - I haven't run Google for almost 2 days ago.

  • @prosepi Here is a snapshot:


  • @prosepi After posting here and then exiting Opera, and restarting - Google updates again:

  • Did you check if there isn't any Chrome process running?

  • @leocg Nope and there shouldn't be.

    If someone has a legit reason why Google is doing any updates (not even loaded), I would like to hear it.

    The fact that Opera and Google are both using the same engine, would make this seem possible. I am looking at the SYNC s/w that Google is having problems with, and maybe this is tied in somehow.

  • There are 2 to 3 Google services that are running. Disable those and test again. There are a few scheduled tasks for Google too. Disable them and test too.

    Another thing you could do is uninstall Opera and see if Chrome's files still update.

    The fact that Opera and Google are both using the same engine, would make this seem possible.

    It's possible there's something wrong with how Opera is determining paths where it's also using default Chrome/Chromium paths for some things, or at least reading them. Seems unlikely though, but possible.

  • @burnout426 When I finish an Opera session, I always clear cookies / free up space.

    Just tested it without even loading up Opera, and when I run CCleaner, Google files updated.

    Checked Opera and it also updates those files without being loaded. One problem down, one left.

  • What problem remains? It seems to me that CCleaner is the one updating the files.

  • @leocg The other problem is a bigger one that I have had the last few years; I just stumbled across this one checking date stamps of files when it occurred.

    My system will go into 100% high CPU utilization for a minute or so, grinding my HD and making the CPU useless. Taskbar comes back and the processes are clean.

    I have found similarities with this and the High CPU problem Google has with their Snyc program (complaints).

    After the last episode, Google date stamps were changed in the Sync /Storage directories, so trying to isolate it with his random problem. It doesn't react the same to CCleaner as the other directories.

    Have a place to look now.