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  • I couldn't notice any changes here.

  • @leocg
    First open new window with 3 tabs. Then focus the first one (the one on the left). After that focus the last one (the one on the right side). Now close the focused tab and you should have now focused the last active tab - so the first one not the middle one. I hope it is clear now what I mean by last active tab.

    Try this with Opera version 56 and then with version 57 and tell me if you see any difference.

  • when you close tab, browser will search for nearest sibling by domain and activate it. Right side have some priority. (I think, not sure tho 🤔 )
    If there is no siblings, it will search for parent (opener) tab and activate it.

    If you close parent tab, next tab on the right (or left, if right is empty) is activated
    Parent tab is the one from which other tabs are opened (no matter of the domain)
    that's how it works for long time

  • @vux777 "I used extension (Classic tabs) for this but it is not working anymore." Why did they broke this with version 57.
    Anyway I dont care what "new" Opera think is the best way for me how to select the tabs I just want the last active tab like it was from ages and sadly from new version only through extension and now from version 57 its not working anymore. I just want to know how to make it work again.

  • I'm sry...I don't know why it stop working (extension)
    I agree that tab activation is kinda messy (for me at least, I never know what will be activated next )
    I want right tab to be activated always (or left one if there is nothing on the right)

  • I noticed same problem after last update - browser switch to the nearest tab automatically, but not to last active tab. And i was never use any extentions, switching tabs was at normal usual order for me. Classic tabs extention option "When closing a tab" has no effect at all - no matter which option is turned on. But I made such a thing and it helps a little - install "Classic Tabs", go to its settings, activate "Open all tabs next to the active tab" with "and place consecutive new tabs in order". Now it works almost like it was - new tab opens just next to active, even if it's in the middle of all tabs, and switches to previous active tab when closed. So, i think you should try the same way.

  • I wonder if anyone even know what exactly "the last active tab" means. It means focus (open) the last tab that was openned before no matter where the tab is! So question why the Opera have that feature if its not working or how to make this feature to work?

    Look carefully at this video and see what I mean.

  • @airforce25228 said in Open last active tab:

    Look carefully at this video and see what I mean.

    That's how Vivaldi works and it's simple and predictable to understand. When closing a tab, it switches back to the previously-focused tab.

    The way Opera does it now is a little funky. When closing a tab, it switches to the tab to the right unless the tab you're closing is the last. If so, then it switches to the tab to the left of the tab you're closing. However, if the tab to the left is a tab opened in the background from another tab, when Opera switches to the left, it'll skip that child tab and switch to the first parent on the left. However, that can change too if you decide to focus one one or all of the child tabs before closing the tab you're closing. Then it'll switch to the first child tab that it finds left of the tab you're closing, or the right if you're not closing the last tab. Then if you move tabs around, it'll switch to the left or right again, but will still depend on whether some of the tabs have been focused yet or not and whether they're children or not.

    It's crazy and I don't want to fully reverse-engineer the behavior as that'd be a pain.

    I've tried disabling the cycle option in ```opera://settings/userInterface" just to see if it had any affect, but it doesn't.

  • Has anyone figured out a fix to this? It's really, really annoying.

  • @tbaranski There is only one way to have this feature working:

    1. Download Opera version 56.0.3051.99 (or older) - this is latest version that works with this feature
    2. Before install delete all other versions of Opera (folders in C:\Program Files\Opera with name of Operas verion)
    3. After install Opera you downloaded goto: C:\Program Files\Opera\56.0.3051.99
    4. Rename file opera_autoupdate.exe to for example opera_autoupdate.old.exe
    5. Open Opera and download from extension store extension called Classic Tabs
    6. Setup extension and here you go!
    7. Profit!

    Number 2-4 is optional to disable auto update of Opera but after update this feature will no longer work

    Link for extension:
    Link for Opera Download:

  • Sigh, thank you.

    Are the good old days of Opera personnel reading/responding to these threads over?

  • @tbaranski People from Opera read the forums but they will only reply if they find it necessary.