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  • Recently, when I open the Opera Speed Dial screen, It takes up the entire window and my task bar does not show.. I have to shut down and restart for the task bar to show.
    How can I get both the speed dial page and the task bar to show?

  • Speed dial should always be whatever size the window is. If you don't want Opera in full-screen mode, try F11.

  • My display resolution is 1024x600.

    With some completely newly installed Opera versions (stable, in portable mode, on Windows 7 32-bit) it happened that after starting Opera my automatically hidden taskbar, which I positioned on the left side of the window, could no longer be brought to the foreground when Opera was started with maximized window (not in fullscreen mode).

    So far I could always solve this issue by first switching the Opera window to not maximized, then resizing the Opera window to any smaller size, and re-starting Opera.

    After that, even if I maximized the Opera window again, I could bring the taskbar back to the foreground normally.

    Maybe that's what the OP means.

    So far, I thought this was a peculiarity related to my unusual screen resolution.

    EDIT: I remember that this was also the case with the Chromium-based Vivaldi browser. The cause of this phenomenon may therefore be less to Opera than to the underlying chromium base.

    I beg your pardon for my poor English.

  • This only happens when the start page (speed dial page) is open in a tab and focused? Or, are you just saying that in general Opera is preventing the taskbar (which is set to auto-hide) from appearing on top?

    If the latter, I've seen that happen in both Chrome and Opera before. The issue always went away after a few updates like there was a bug that was introduced that got fixed after a bit.

  • @burnout426

    Yes, it is the latter ('some versions of Opera were/are preventing the taskbar, which is set to auto-hide, from appearing on top').

    In my case, my workaround always brought the taskbar back to the foreground, maybe it works for @indianhead as well.

    I've seen that happen in both Chrome and Opera before.

    So this issue seems to be more widespread than I thought. I always assumed it is only me, due to my unusual display resolution or my taskbar being positioned on the left side, which is also uncommon.