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Opening .torrent files directly from Opera

  • Any answer here ?

    Also had problems opening PDF with new Opera, but thanks to forum found solution.

  • Originally posted by BaidareW:

    Any answer here ?

    I am fairly sure that bit torrent support won't be added to the new Opera. Users will have to find an extension or third-party program. Third-party bit-torrent clients will have more features, and better speeds than Opera ever had.

    It's not intended to include everything in the new browser that was in the old one.

    The Vision Behind Opera 15 and Beyond

  • I never used Opera's built-in solution, but with versions prior to 15 it was possible to set protocol handlers in Opera. Clicking a magnet link in a Web site then automatically opened the weapon of my choice. Since 15 it is not possible to associate programs within Opera; regrettably O v15+ [at least up to 19] will not even use the system's default for magnet links although correctly set.

    Opera should quickly either correctly use system settings or incorporate its own protocol association feature again.

  • Hear, hear, I'll second that, Evo2me.

  • I will also chime in that this is an unfortunate behavior in Opera 15+. I too used to have Opera automatically open .torrent files from a temporary directory rather than have them clogging up my downloads folder. Manually removing them later is a slight annoyance.

    So with that in mind, I hope to take a different approach. Is it possible to set specific filetypes to download to different directories automatically? The goal would be to have all .torrent files download to somewhere like .\Downloads\torrents\.

  • Pessala misunderstands the problem, it's not a built-in bittorrent client or support that is the issue, it's a way to handle types of files being downloaded. PDF's are doing the same thing. I want certain files to just open up in their associated applications, not be downloaded, then clicked on to open. This is really confusing and will loose newbies quickly. I like the extensions and the ultra-personalization possible with them, but maybe there should be a native handling method as in Old Opera - with security of certain types of files that can do damage included.

  • Originally posted by loki-dog:

    This is really confusing and will loose newbies quickly.

    Google Chrome has the same behavior and seem to be doing fine.

  • Hi,

    Ive just searched the web for the solution of described issue with opening torrent* files through "save" procedure..

    Found nothing.

  • With the Opera 28 it is still the issue.
    When I click on a torrent link I get a window which flashes ad says:
    "Do you want to run the bittorrent with the file" (it's my translation from polish).

    And the popup dissapears immediatelly!!!!

    The default action for this popup window is "no"' so I'cant force opera to open any file of this kind.

    It is an issue from the beginning of the new Opera.

  • Edit: it didn't work for TNT torrent but it does work for Piratebay so I've made it.