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opera 6.1.27412 fonts are consuming data

  • i've having this problem with opera mini using data too much until i found out it was the fonts that was taking data. i'm using tecno t605 with the preinstalled opera 6.1. please help me because it looks like a bug

  • And you posted in the Macintosh forum because ...? Moved to Opera Mini forum.

    There is an option for setting bitmapped fonts versus system fonts - I've usually seen it mentioned in the reverse situation ... people trying to read Hindi (or similar) websites using fonts that are not available in their system fonts. I don't use Mini myself and can't tell you where to find that setting, but keep in mind that if you do disable it you may not be able to read some websites written in non-European languages ...

  • @conji4life
    Opera Mini play ping-pong aside operators campaigns since is not set as 'default'. Known or unk fonts on client side doesn't necessary trigger fonts recognition, mini transcoders read another type of data which can be colected and stored on server side, i.e. platform and device name (preventive for fake or branded UAs, expanding database for download wizard), opera remote updates for fallback settings (RMS or debug logs read, memory/heap size for pages partition) and so on. I doubt that entire fonts reading process needs online connection, you can check that via HTTP protocol and sync off.

  • Please guys tell me how to change it to default/system fonts. It's consuming a lot of data.

  • 'opera:config' in url, bitmap fonts should be disabled.

  • It's already disabled in default but it's still not working

  • "not working" means the browser uses bitmap fonts, or something else?
    How much data the browser uses, and why is it too much? And why is it fonts, how to check it?