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  • There is a problem trying to open any Opera site from my location. In all sites the connection times out.

    I used three different browser.
    Nothing is blocked in Firewall.
    No security applications installed apart from the default Windows Security Center.
    I do not use VPN.
    I have Windows 10 x64 bit, 1809 Build 17763.134
    I do not have any problems with any web page.

    If I can reach support I will give extra info if needed.

    Thanks for any help.

  • What happens if you turn VPN on? And if you try a different network/ISP?

  • @ahmadabdelaziz Can you find a way to share your national location? There are a number of places doing IP-blocking censorship, some more comprehensively than others.

  • @leocg I am here now using VPN this is my only way to reach this forum also tried a different ISP with same results, loading till timed out. Can not even update my Opera browser.
    Thank you for your answer.

  • @blackbird71 I am welling to provide all the connection data in any way that does not compromise my privacy.
    I would appreciate any suggestions to do so.
    Thank you for your reply.

  • If you can access using a VPN, it means that Opera's servers/sites are probably being blocked either by your ISP or by some program in your system.

  • @leocg Thank you for trying to help me.

    In fact what you kindly mentioned is the logical explanation, but the two ISP's that I have tried must by law publish any IP they are blocking, the same goes for the communication authorities where I live they required by law to publish blocked IP's or web sites.
    That confuses me I'm sure Opera sites are not blocked by the two ISP's I tried and they never mentioned that at any time, and the authorities data base does not contain any mention of Opera, yet I can not open them or even update.

  • @ahmadabdelaziz If you enter or in the browser address bar (instead of a URL), can you connect to the basic website?

  • @blackbird71
    First I wish to thank you for your time and effort trying to help me.
    One of the weirdest thing happened yesterday night, out of despair I bunched the Opera URL and boom, it opened easily without VPN, and was able to repeat this many times without any problems.
    I did not change any sitting in my laptop and did not call my ISP or anyone else it just worked. I do not understand this, but what counts is that it is working now.
    Again thank you and @leocg for taking the time to help me and this issue is resolved now.

  • Topic closed as solved.