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  • This issue has been going on for ~4-5 months now

    Basically, sound will drop out during youtube video, usually for 2-3 seconds, then the video freezes and the unplayed audio will play to 'catch up', and then it will continue.

    • I've tried using extensions to force Flash player,

    • I've removed ALL extensions and reset Opera to default, and same problem persisted. Uninstalled and re-installed, and the problem persisted.

    • i've tried changing audio-playback devices (i have an external sound interface with analog and digital outs, as well as onboard-audio),

    • i've tried updating / backdating graphics drivers, removing potentially-conflicting audio devices in device manager, updating Windows, etc. but the same problem persists regardless.

    If i use Firefox or Edge, the problem simply doesn't exist. It is solely w/ Opera. Which is frustrating, because otherwise its my favorite browser.

    Am pulling out my hair on this.

    Does anyone experience similar problems? and is it recent, or older? All the info i've seen in the forums tends to refer to older problems w/ Youtube, but nothing like this in the last 6months or so.

    Would be interested in hearing any suggestions. Thanks.

  • @jgilmore said in Youtube audio dropouts in Opera:

    If i use Firefox or Edge, the problem simply doesn't exist. It is solely w/ Opera.

    Test in Vivaldi and Chromium to see if you get the same issue. Test in Chrome too. Opera and all of those use Chromium so it might be an issue in Chromium and not just Opera.

    If it's the case that it fails in all Chromium browsers, you might have to file a Chromium bug.

    I don't have an issue in Opera in this area.

  • @burnout426

    Thanks i'll give that a try

  • @jgilmore

    So, i've been using Vivaldi for the last 24 hours, and i experience zero of the audio problems with youtube described above.

    I briefly tested chrome as well, and it was also A-ok.

    So whatever is causing this still seems to be 100% an Opera-specific issue.

  • The same audio codec is being used in all of them? Also, did you try checking opera://media-internals/ ?