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Problems with menus in latest Opera developer

  • Since updating to version 58.0.3120.0 of Opera developer on a Windows 7 Home Premium computer a few days ago, all dropdown menus (within the browser) appear solid black in both regular and private mode, for some reason. While clicking somewhere on the menu still seems to be recognised by the system, I have to guess what exactly I am clicking on in this particular point on the menu. Reinstalling the browser doesn't seem to fix the issue.

    Could anyone kindly suggest a course of action?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Try switching dark theme and see if it helps - it's listed in the easy setup from the speed dial page - no need to go through menus to get there.

  • Thanks for the suggestion - doesn't seem to change anything, unfortunately. Currently, my HDD is quite filled up - I am not sure if, say, virtual memory problems might be causing the issue.

  • @singalong said in Problems with menus in latest Opera developer:

    Reinstalling the browser doesn't seem to fix the issue.

    You deleted the "Opera Developer" profile folder before reinstalling, right?

    Go to the URL chrome://flags/#force-color-profile, set it to rgb and relaunch Opera. Any difference? If so, you need to fix the color profile for your monitor in Windows and set it to sRGB instead of one from the manufacturer of your computer.

    Anything odd about your theme in Windows? Maybe set it back to the default Windows theme to see if it makes any difference.

  • After some delay:

    I think I actually left the profile in place to keep the bookmarks... Anyway, meanwhile I have found out that it seems if I open quite a few tabs, or play YouTube videos, the menu appears as it should, till the end of the session - some kind of 'memory overload' seems to help temporarily. If the browser is closed and then open again, the menu is all black again.