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Extensions like Join and Pushbullet do not work in Opera. Why?

  • In contrast to chrome some extensions like Join and Pushbullet do not work in opera to exchange data (files, photos, sms ...) between pc and mobilphone? Why?

  • Opera doesn't support all extension APIs that Chrome does, and they have no plan to support everything. Opera also blocks a few extension behaviors. Sometimes there are Google services that are only allowed to work in Chrome specifically. That might affect an extension if it uses such a service. In short, although Opera uses Chromium, extension support is not equal to Chrome's.

    As for the mentioned extensions, I didn't look at them yet to see if I can tell why they don't work in Opera.

  • Looking at the PushBullet manifest file under "permissions", it uses these APIs:

    "tabs", "activeTab", "contextMenus", "cookies", "notifications", "idle"

    Looking at, Opera has limitations with tabs, contextMenus and notifications. I also don't see any support for activeTab, but maybe that page just isn't updated with that info.

  • For Join, it uses:

    "identity", "", "background", "gcm", "storage", "unlimitedStorage", "webRequest", "webRequestBlocking", "notifications"

    Opera has limited support for identity, storage, notifications and not sure about background, gcm and unlimitedStorage as they're not listed. Not sure about specifically either. GCM looks to be a Google Cloud Messaging API, so that one is probably only supported if you're using Chrome. Other browser might not even be allowed to use the service. unlimitedStorage is listed in "storage" though and looks like Opera supports it.

    At least you get a warning dialog when trying to install these extensions that they're not fully compatible.

  • might not be exactly up to date.

    activeTab - it's just 'tabs' API but with limited scope and we support it
    gcm - partial support, that's why Join application isn't working correctly. It relies on which we do not support.

    As for Pushbullet I did not have any problem with sending files between Chrome and Opera, so is this somehow limited for devices?