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Chromium pdf viewer has been disabled. Why do I have to use this viewer?

  • I get the message "Chromium pdf viewer has been disabled. To re-enable it, please go to opera://settings?section=plugins", but when I go to Settings there is no Plugins option. I can't find anything about PDFs except the option to download them rather than opening in Opera. I want to download them. It's just an extra step if I open them in Opera and then have to create a PDF. And why am I limited to using Chromium PDF Viewer? Even if it's enabled, I won't use it.
    Just something else taking up space on my computer. The last time I did anything with Chrome it so screwed up my computer it took me weeks to get it back to working normally. I don't want to go through that again. What are other alternatively? Just forget about being able to download a PDF? Is that wise?
    I'm not a programmer and don't want to go messing around with program code. There must be some simple fix.

  • You can always download a PDF, or save it from the browser. If the site gives you a direct link to the file, you can right-click on it and choose Save linked content as ... from the menu But Opera - and most other browsers - will not directly use Acrobat Reader because it has had too many exploits in the past and they don't consider it safe. Chromium's built-in PDF viewer (which comes with Opera) is considered safer, though it does lack a few of Reader's features.

  • That is what I expected to be able to do. But on two occasions in the last few days, I've been on sites and clicked on the option on the site to download a PDF and a blank screen opens and all I get is the message saying Chromium pdf viewer has been disabled and then it tells me to go to settings in Opera and turn it back on. To me that message sounds like it comes from Opera, not the website. So I copied the url and opened Firefox and was able to download the pdf with no problems. This sounds like an Opera problem. So is there a way around it, or give me specific steps on how to enable Chromium because I can't find it in settings. I just won't use it for anything but the download.

  • Are these sites we could look at, or do they require you to have an account with them?