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Unable to view videos due to geographical restrictions

  • I am a new Opera user, and NOT very proficient with Computers and Technology. I tried repeatedly to view a video on a specific web site but I got this message: "This content is not available in your location." I have VPN enabled....initially I had it set for "optimal location" then I tried other locations, (the Americas and Europe) all to no avail. Have I misunderstood the function of the VPN settings, or done some other thing that allows the web site to discover my location?
    I was very happy when I d/l Opera and discovered that it offers a VPN setting (?) because I am almost always denied access to most videos on line due to "geographical location"
    I would appreciate any help that I can get to resolve this problem.

  • Most probably the videos are only available to those on country A and the site thinks that you are in country B.

  • Yes Leo, I realize that, however, isn't a VPN supposed to obscure the location of the viewer, thereby circumventing any geographical restrictions? Am I misunderstanding one of the main benefits of having and using a VPN?
    BTW, were you using the terms "A country" and "B country" in general non specific terms to indicate 2 different locales or are countries actually designated to belong to an "A group" or "B group"?
    Please advise.
    Thank You,

  • A VPN gives you a different IP address that may or may not be from another country. This way, when you open a page, it will think that you are connecting from that country and not from yours.

    In Opera's built-in VPN, you can't set from which country the IP address is, only from which region. So, if you get an IP from France, for example, you will not be able to see videos that are only available in Italy.

  • @kakryn Different VPNs offer differing numbers of exit portals around the world. The exit portal is the one that provides its location data to the target website you're seeking. The greater the number of portals, the better chance a user can select one that coincides close enough to a picky target website's location. Opera's VPN only offers a small number of exit portals, so if the website is narrowly demanding a certain locale in order to authorize a viewer, the chances are that you aren't able to find a suitable match with Opera's VPN. The alternative is to employ a commercial VPN that uses a large number of exit servers in a wide variety of locales... and it may be likely that you will have to pay for such a service since it costs more money to operate more exit servers.

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