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Synchronization doesn't sync all expected settings

  • May I ask why Opera Sync only syncs some settings but not the others, often even from the same settings menu?

    For example, it doesn't sync the following things:

    • AdBlock state (on/off, plus it doesn't remove default exclusions removed by me which is annoying and stupid)
    • My Flow state (on/off)
    • Instant Search state (on/off)
    • Open a specific page or set of pages (it sets the state to what was synced as on/off, but doesn't sync the URL that was set for it)
    • Content Settings (it sets the 3rd party blocking for cookies, but doesn't sync any of the other states like Notifications, Location, Microphone etc)
    • User created/added search engines (if I make them, I sure want them on all computers)
    • Spellcheck languages state

    There are other things that don't get synced, but I understand those might be intentional as preferences might be different on other synced devices that may not be desired to mirror state of other systems.
    But if one uses AdBlock on one system, I see no reason why it wouldn't be used on all others. Same for My Flow and Instant Search. If you don't use it on one system, chances are very high, you won't be using anywhere else.

    The most annoying one is the fact that Opera syncs the search engine (it syncs the selection) but leaves out the other search engines entirely. For example, I like to use keyworded search engines for dictionary since English ain't my native language. And I do the same for many other search fields which I add to Opera for quick access. But Opera doesn't sync those, I have to manually add them one by one on every system and it's incredibly annoying.

    Or, if it's possible, add option for users to define by themselves what settings they want to have synced for their account so every user can define on their own. For example I want basically everything to be the same on all systems. So, I could set pretty much everything to be synced (especially when I reinstall Opera, setting everything back is so annoying and long process). Someone else would only want few settings and they could define that.

  • Flow is a device-to-device connection, you can't sync it. Though there have been requests that this be changed.

  • @sgunhouse I wasn't talking about My Flow communicating with/through Sync, I was talking about My Flow toggle button not being stored as part of Settings within Sync feature. If you install Opera on one computer and flip My Flow to OFF, install Opera on another system and Sync it with first one, My Flow will remain enabled on second system despite being disabled on the first one.