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Opera Mail 1.0 - Forward as attachment

  • Hi,

    can I forward a mail as an attachment in Opera Mail 1.0? Would it then be possible to reply to one mail with another mail as an attachment?

    Thanks, Jamie

  • You have to ctrl + s the message to save it as an mbs file. Then, you compose a new message (or reply to the existing one and change the recipients if needed) and attach the mbs file.

    The problem with doing things that way is that the message will have an application/mime mime type that a lot of clients won't understand as an embedded message. For Opera Mail in Opera 12, you'd add the eml extension to the message/rfc822 mime type under "advanced -> downloads" in preferences. Then you'd change the extension of the file from mbs to eml. Then, you'd edit the file with a text editor and remove the "From " line. Then you'd attach the eml file and it'd be just like how other clients forward messages as attachments. However, the mime type preferences are missing/hidden in Opera Mail 1.0.

    So, short answer is no.

    But, Opera Mail 1.0 is just Opera 12.17 with some browser parts hidden. So, you can just use Opera 12.17 and set the http and https protocls in advanced -> programs in preferences to open with your default browser so clicking on email clients opens in the browser you want. But, not sure if the Mac Opera has those options.

  • While Opera Mail is closed, you can try adding:

    [File Types Section Info]
    [Trusted Protocols Section Info]

    to operaprefs.ini.

    Then, next to operaprefs.ini, create handlers.ini with the following content:

    Opera Preferences version 2.1
    ; Do not edit this file while Opera is running
    ; This file is stored in UTF-8 encoding
    Application Description
    Web handler
    Plugin Path
    Plugin Name
    Plugin Description
    Save To Folder
    Application Description
    Web handler
    Plugin Path
    Plugin Name
    Plugin Description
    Save To Folder=

    Then, if you convert the mbs file to an eml file and attach it, Opera Mail should send it right.

  • It sounds like the answer is essentially “no”, without performing some kind of hack. Can we please formally request this feature, Opera?

  • Opera Mail is dead. But you can use the suggestions area of the foruns to post your suggestion.