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Opera opens smaller than the screen

  • Opera opens in a smaller size, smaller than the screen. I've recently installed a number of browsers to test them -- Opera, Vivaldi, Otter, and Brave, all on Linux Mint -- but none of the others have this behavior. I removed the four extensions I was using, but that had no effect. There must be a setting that controls this, but I cannot find it.

  • It's a well known and unfixed bug of opera.
    Start it like so and it will start in a maximized window

    opera --start-maximized

  • @jimunderscorep Thanks a lot for the answer.

    It's kinda strange that Opera, a Chromium spin, would have that behavior while Vivaldi and Brave, also Chromium spins, would not, not to mention Chromium itself.

  • @jimunderscorep

    I've been using this fix for a long time.

    The latest Opera v56.0.3051.31 breaks the fix, with Opera opening in a 4:3 ratio window, and, so far, not maximizing with any control I can find. Full Screen mode is a useless alternative.

    Frankly, it's easier just to roll back to v55 than try to communicate with developers.

  • Opera 56 still works with that switch for me...
    To be fair, I have been using the switch for the last 10 or so versions of opera., with no problem at all. If it helps, I use openbox as my window manager.

    As for being "a chromium spin thar behaves differently than the other spins", this is not the case. The issue above does not have to do with the engine used to render web pages but with the way that the app draws its ui.

  • I just noticed something odd...
    I opened opera earlier, from the typical shortcut that lauches it with the above switch (--start-maximized) and it did launch in a maximized window as usual.
    When I wanted to open a new window, I clicked the same shortcut again, but this time the switch was ignored and it opened in a non-maximized, centered window 😕

    Opening a new window from the running, maximized instance of opera, via ctrl+n or via the o-menu > new window, opened up maximized.

  • There's another twist to this Problem.
    A while ago,I replaced windows with Linux on all familly-PC,so we got 3 laptops,one with Ubuntu Unity 16.04,one Kubuntu 16.04,one Mint 18.3 and 2 desktops with Mint 18.2 and 18.3.
    The problem occurse only on all laptops.Editing the opera.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ with: opera %U --start-maximized solves the problem.
    BUT: With every update,it is overwritten AGAIN.
    So it's an update problem too,and where is the difference between laptop and dektop?

  • This worked for me in Linux Mint 19 xfce

    Edit launcher
    Change Command to:

    opera %U --new-window --start-maximized

  • Решение для Xubuntu 18.04. Входим в Opera> открылось окно в центре экрана > Разворачиваем окно на весь экран> Боковая панель O>Расширения>Получить расширения> в поиске full Screen, выбираем Fullscreen Anythig>Устанавливаем и активируем>Закрываем Opera. При следующем запуске Opera раскрывается на весь экран.

  • Sorry @Sera53 , but this part of the forum is in English.

  • An update on this.

    v57.0.3098.91 is working OK

    As of right now, a new version is available, but I had to back out of the upgrade because of loading problems. Linux, it seems, is such a broad target that, when you have a working Opera version, you need a way of getting back to it.