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Colored background showing in text/search fields

  • Under Settings:Browser:Advanced:System: 'Use hardware acceleration when available'

    This was ON, changing to OFF and tapping 'Relaunch' button seems to have cleared the issue.

  • @marius-ss Turning off HW acceleration is not a fix. You're literally removing a functionality on entire browser level for something broken on one page. That's like cutting an arm off because of an infection instead of just consuming some antibiotics...

  • Hello,
    Lately I noticed problem with Opera browser. On some pages I get graphic artifacts. For example on reddit comment field changes colors to different gray shades, then even change as I resize comment field. Also text typed in comment field on reddit have blue background. Problem is I'm not even sure if it's a problem with Opera or GPU or drivers. So here's how it looks:
    Problem exists on RTX2070 I currently own (I even got first one replaced, because I thought those artifacts are a result of hardware failure), all available drivers for RTX cards (from 416.34 to 417.22), after reinstalling system, reinstalling drivers with DDU.
    Problem don't exist on other browsers (Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox), problem also don't exist on Opera when I use my old card (GTX560) with drivers 391.35 and older (391.35 is newest I can install for GTX560).
    I can't confirm if it's driver problem as I can't install newest drivers for old GPU (and I don't have any problems there), I can't also install old drivers for current GPU. Furthermore problem is not existing on other browser, but at the other hand it didn't occur on Opera on first run (appeared after few hours on both new and old card).
    So it may be that I'm very unlucky and somehow both my RTX cards started to die, but thing is problem occurs ONLY on Opera. No other browser, no benchmark or game causes any problems.

  • It is a known issue with certain graphics cards, and should be fixed whenever Opera 58 goes stable.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This bug/problem only in opera! This is not graphic cards problem! Opera developers lazy! I've been through this error for a year. I've reported it all the time. Still not fixed. Why is no problem in vivaldi, chrome and other browsers based on chromium? Because the opera developers are lazy!

  • Took over three months but I think it's been fixed.

  • @magma500 Yes. This was fixed in earlier builds of 58. Opera just released 58 to the stable channel, so if you're up to date, you should no longer see this problem.

    Can anyone else confirm this is now fixed for you in Opera 58?

  • I have updated to 58 and initially it looked like it made matters worse - see screenshot - - some parts of the input were blinking, etc.

    So I turned hardware acceleration off, then checked and everything was fine. I turned it back on and surprisingly the problem is gone for now.
    I'll reply if that changes.

  • fixed in Opera 58. But we have new annoying problem. New select options so weird! Why can't they do a job properly?

  • @bugpera said in Colored background showing in text/search fields:

    But we have new annoying problem. New select options so weird!

    Can you post a new thread about that?