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Widevine and Opera

  • I can download chrome's deb package, extract the libwidevine* libs and place it in opera's profile directory as suggested by leocg. But how will I know widevine support works? I do not have a netflix account for instance...

  • So, I did what I said earlier.
    I downloaded chrome's deb, extracted libwidevinecdm from it (there is no libwidevinecdmadapter file in the package), copied it to ~/.config/opera, visited this site here

    and it reports "no drm".


    So it does not work, so we'd better ignore that advice from leocg.

    Then I created the folder /opt/google/chrome, moved the file in there, reopened the page but still no luck.

    Verdict? If you do want to watch drm content on linux, use another browser,

    On the same page, firefox prompted me to download something, I allowed it to and a few moments later, the stream started playing, in all its 3 variations. It even says "widevine" instead on "no drm"!


    Chromium, on the other hand, does play the streams despite mentioning "no drm". Now that is odd...


  • Mods are users like any other, they don't know everything and they may say something wrong sometimes.

    In my case, since Opera comes with Widevine on Windows and, I guess,, on Mac too, I thought it was also the case with Linux.

  • I agree with you on that and I accept your apology 🙂

    However, if you are not a linux user or an opera dev for the linux version, please do not generalize facts based on your experience on a different os. Windows or mac may have widevine support due to some system wide libs, linux doesn't

  • As of chromium v67, is obsolete.
    But, when opera did work with widevine, it required a ua switch from command line startup switch (--user-agent) or an extension ua switcher. Nothing works as of late.

    For Chromium, I added under /usr/lib/chromium: ln -s /opt/google/chrome/, just for good measure. No ua masking was needed. It worked fine with netflix.

    So, they need to add the sites that use widevine to their ua masks, and fix the obsolete code.

  • My biggest question is why do they ship it for windows and mac but not linux?.

  • Someone got some solution for this, I love the opera browser, but using it on Linux is being quite tiring.

  • @leocg version 58 still doesn't work with widevine in linux for me.

  • I think the only long term solution to this problem is to actually compile from the sources and use the options that include Widevine and distribute that to Linux. I doubt Opera has any prioritised interests in this since it is a closed source browser
    they are giving out no compensation.

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