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There is an unwelcome changed to my opera browser that i do not want...

  • so today im browsing on opera as i do every single day and i noticed something off, everytime i open a new tab im prone to start typing in the navigation bar but as off today i open a new tab and its not "auto-selected" the navigation bar for me to write?

    so now i have to use my mouse to open a new tab, then release my hand of the mouse to start writting only to notice that i have to grab the mouse back and select the navigation bar?

    if i cant revert it back somehow someway(because this change was not my will) i actually will stop using opera, i use opera and chrome, chrome still has this feature and why it has been taken out of opera is beyond me,

    i am very sorry if this is something on my end, but because i literally changed nothing, not even went onto the settings for few months i dont believe its my doing...

    Yes, i also went into the settings and went throught everything twice and i did not see the option for what i want so... im not threating anyone or anything by saying i will no longer use opera, its just that im used to doing something for years and now that i open a new tab and the navigation bar is not auto selected it actualy really really bothers me, such a little detail but a big deal...

    any ideas? what can i do? why has this happened? is it just me?

  • Known error, will be fixed in next Stable build.