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Please merge Extensions Bar and Sidebar

  • Would it be possible to merge the Extensions Bar (Menu>Extensions>Extensions Bar) and the Opera Sidebar? It just feels they fill more or less the same functions, and I can't imagine anyone who would ever use them both simultaneously, whereas I would never be tempted to pin the Sidebar without the option of custom extensions like the Extensions Bar, and the Extensions Bar, by itself, doesn't have enough functions, compared to the Sidebar.

    As it is apparently desirable to use the Opera Sidebar (hence why Opera pins it by default on new installations), why not merge the somewhat redundant Extensions Bar, and bring its functions to the mainstream? I believe it would be a very good change.

  • You can ask for it in the appropriate forum or, even better, show your support in one of the topics already requesting it.

  • The exact definition what is a context and how it differs from other contexts depends on the applications, and possibly extensions, that define contexts. Most often a context is defined by the selection in the edit view. When the type of selected object changes then the context changes also. That means that if you have text selected in Writer and select a different text portion then the context does not change because in both cases the selection contains text. But if you click on an embedded table or image, the context does change.