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Personalised Homepage doesn't show up

  • So your old speed dial was from Opera Presto (Opera 12 and older)?

  • @leocg
    I don't know

  • @josef1962-lr

    Maybe you can answer @leocg's question by looking at these two screenshots, taken from Opera 12.18 with German user interface:

    Main window:

    0_1536445056930_Opera 12_Default.png

    Via the File menu you could activate a menu bar:

    0_1536445144464_Opera 12_Menu bar.png

    These old Opera versions used Presto as browser engine, which was replaced by Chromium years ago.

    If you have switched from such an old program version, certain problems you are mentioning can be explained, your previous add-ons for Opera Presto have to be replaced with their Chromium-compatible versions, for example.

  • Thank you yanta for this hint. My speed-dial as starting page at the moment looks like this:
    0_1536475113610_Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-09-09_083747_startpage.png

    My preferred other one I am not able to show, of course, because I lost it...

  • @josef1962-lr your bookmarks and speed dial saves should still be there.

    Click on the red O on the left top and you should see this:


    once opened go to Bookmarks>other Bookmarks>Imported>Speed Dial Save.

    For the future i recommend to simply export bookmarks and save to html file. So you have them as a backup.

  • Thank you but I have tried that already. The folder "Other bookmarks" only leads to folders who are all empty. I can see my bookmarks if I go to "Unsorted bookmarks", but there the options are only to open them all (as tabs), and some other options that don't help me either.

  • What is the difference for the old one?

  • My preferred one has several advantages:
    I have more buttons (78) at once with my favorite sites without scrolling down.
    Only there I have my to-read-sites. I fear that all my saved sites there are lost if I install it again on my old homepage (not knowing whether this is possible in the first place).
    Another difference is that when I click on a button in my preferred homepage the site opens in a new tab, while in the old one the homepage turns into the site that I have clicked (so that I have to open up the homepage again to go to other sites).

  • So what exactly happened? Did you open Opera someday and the Speed Dial was empty? If so, something had happened before that, like a crash or an update?

  • @leocg
    I just opened Opera and the preferred Speed Dial wasn't there. I can't remember whether there was the old Speed Dial or another site which might have been the last before closing.
    Maybe a reason might have been that I have been in Italy at that time! But it is not the first time that I had this problem. It occured two or three times a year in the last years, But until this time I always was able to find it again, Now something is different...

  • @leocg
    I should add that in the previous cases I always was at home in Vienna.

  • Maybe Opera couldn't read the file and created a new one, don't know.

  • But do you have any idea how to restore the other one?

  • @josef1962-lr Opera saves its Speed Dials in the file "Bookmarks" (without file extension), and automatically creates a backup of this file ("Bookmarks.bak"). On my Windows 7 system (I installed Opera as portable version) both files are in the directory "data", a sufolder of Opera's profile folder. Since these files are plain text files, you could check their content with any suitable text editor.

    I am still not quite sure which exact program version you are using, and most importantly, when exactly this loss of working add-ons (such as Ghostery) or your Speed Dials occurred (for the first time): When you updated from an old Presto version, or does this happen again and again with current Chromium versions? Do you use Opera's integrated adblocker or a third party extension?

    Please tell us at least your current Opera version (and OS). The more precise the data, the higher the chances of successful help. 🙂

  • Unless you have an old backup, most probably it's no longer possible.

  • @leocg
    I am using the actual version (55.0.2994.56), and the adblocker is Opera's. Today I realised that I still have an active adblocker, but it looks different (a blue shield with a white cross on the usual place above on the right side). I can't remember how the other one looked, but definitively different.
    I don't know whether I use the Presto or the Chromium version. How can I find out?
    And I can't find Opera's profile folder...

  • @josef1962-lr

    I can't find Opera's profile folder

    Choose from Opera's menu "About Opera". In the section "Paths" you can see the location of your profile folder. You can also mark this path, copy it via CTRL+C, open Windows Explorer, press F4 and paste via CTRL+V the path from the clipboard.

    I suggest to make a backup of your profile folder.

    I don't know whether I use the Presto or the Chromium version.

    Your Opera version is Chromium-based (v55.0.2994.56, however, that wasn't exactly the question, josef. The question was from which version you updated to v55).

    EDIT: BTW, there is a similar thread, in which @burnout426 contributes. Maybe he is so kind to have a look into your issue too, because his (and also @leocg's of course) expertise is much broader than mine.

  • I don't remember Opera Presto having a adblocker. It allowed you to block elements on a page but there wasn't a native adblocker.

    Anyway, i don't think it's relevant anymore.

  • Then I have definitely Chromium.
    As for the previous version: I always try to be updated, so the last update was from the directly previous version.

  • @josef1962-lr OK. My thought was: If you updated recently from Opera v12 (=Presto) to v55, your original speed dials could still be stored in the v12-files.

    According to leocg, there seems unfortunately nothing that can be done anymore (as long as you don't have any backup, of course). I am sorry.

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