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Opera mini Off-road mode as reliable anonymizing proxy ?

  • I used to think of Opera's Off-road mode as a very secure anonymizer proxy. Opera provides an encrypted tunnel for data traffic from my device to Opera server. No one in between my device and destination server will see the traffic including the ISP (except opera server itself of course).

    However, today I checked and observed the following, if anyone can shed a light it would be very much appreciated !

    1. website like can see my true ip ?
      Does that mean Opera mini is a transparent secured proxy ?
    2. Google searches using opera mini can be sniffed. It is not routed in an encrypted connection to opera server.
    3. Some websites traffic appear to be in unencrypted connections, eg:,
      In general, does opera discriminate which sites should be in Off-rode mode ?

    Thank you.

    1. Transparent. Your ISP make that possible but you can use a secured anon proxy via wap gateway.
    2. Opera use the same encription but it's less secure than before. Public DNS is from Akamai and true location of servers farm (instead ISP) can expose some sensitive data.
    3. Opera Mini is Google friendly.
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  • Opera is not supposed to be anonymizing. Your ISP may have no idea who you're talking to, but the site you're talking to still knows who you are - and anyone between Opera's server and the site could see as well, if it is not a secure site.

    Which is to say, if you're in a country that limits access to certain sites then Opera may allow you to get around that (if Opera doesn't have a server in your country, as they do for China). But if a website prevents access from or limits access to certain regions they should be able to tell if you're in one of those regions.