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Title bar removed from latest Opera on Ubu 16.04?

  • Looks like Opera may have moved to remove the title bar from the latest version. I'm cool with that but I have no menus.

    My system settings keep the application menus in the title bar of that application (as opposed to the Mac style of keeping them at the top of the screen). Since Opera has no title bar (and I'm assuming this is by design based on some other changes) there is no place for the menus to exist. This would be just fine had they included an O menu (as they do in Windows), but they didn't.


  • @jimunderscorep I'm indifferent to the look. However, without the O menu I have no menus. That is clearly unintentional (read: a bug).

  • @jamesisin Im on archlinux and i have to Omenu... but still i want to titlebar back....

  • Without the title bar the only way to close popup windows is to right-click the task in the desktop task bar. Give us our title bar back! Had we wanted less choice we would have gone for Mac or Windows OSs.

    Removing the app bar without asking first is a bit of a deal-breaker for this Linux user. I switched to Opera when Firefox started doing this kind of arrogant/inconsiderate stuff. Do I need to switch to Vivaldi or Brave as my default browser?

  • @jamesisin when the title bar was taken away a menu icon was put at left of the open tabs. I seem to recall (not certain) there was once an option to enable/disable the menu button in previous versions of Opera. I can't find a flag for it now so my guess is it would be hidden in a config file that might need to be manually edited.


  • @vr51 So, I don't use the Bookmarks bar. Regardless, even if I enable the bar I get no O menu. Either way this is a clear bug.

  • @vr51 Sorry, it's not next to my tabs either. Otherwise I would not open this thread.

  • Why not just put a nice red O in the left pane above the other icons? This is essentially what's done on Windows.

  • There is an "red O menu at the left side, above the other icons" ... if you set the sidebar as pinned


    I think this is the default behavior/appearance of opera in all operating systems.
    However, I prefer to keep the sidebar unpinned and have this


  • @jimunderscorep [shakes head] No O

  • Try unpinning the sidebar. I have nothing else to suggest.

  • @jimunderscorep Are you running the latest Opera on Ubuntu 16.04? I am seeing this same behavior on at least three similar systems. This is pretty clearly a bug.

  • I am running the latest stable opera in openbox (under debian testing x64).

    I was a gnome user once, until gnome 2.28 was released, like ~9 years ago, but I stopped using it when it became too dumbed down for me. As the english say, I have not touched gnome 3.x with a ten-foot pole.
    I was also an ubuntu user ~11 years ago.

  • Being able to shade/rollup windows (mouse wheel on title bar) is a must have !
    Without window title bar : we are back to the 1990's... I'm leaving Opera for Firefox waiting the bug to be fixed.

  • The title bar seems to showing in the Windows style even though it's on Ubuntu. This only started happening recently. Is it a bug or do I need to change some setting?

  • No, it is a well known and reported issue of v55 which has not been fixed yet, despite the 2 or 3 minor updates to v55 since then.
    The ugly window decorations also exist in opera beta and developer versions as well, v56 and v57 respectively.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Several updates later and still no change.

  • +1 for native window decorations!