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  • Why is this useful feature not customizable? Makes no sense, i would like to use DDG's !bangs for more efficiency but i am stuck on google. This is unfortunate and would like to have this feature or an explanation why it wasn't implemented, doesn't seem too hard to do.

  • @rehfore You can use keywords in Instant Search to trigger another engine.

    And you can request for a customizable instant search in the correct forum for this.

  • Interesting, where can i find these keywords?

    and when this is a feature i am requesting, why is it not correct in the forum for requesting features?

  • Check at opera://settings/searchEngines

    Regarding the feature request, go to the forums main page ( and you will find out in two seconds why this is not the correct place for it.

  • @leocg

    Ah okay good, it's a workaround i guess

    Whatever you are saying with your second sentence, i am under the impression i posted this under "opera for computer>feature requests" if i didn't you could just move this thread and if i did and it is still wrong i don't get it.

  • Moved

  • @leocg I can appreciate that you may be irritated by placing questions in the wrong forum but please consider that some of us are older and don't have the experience with "forums" and have a hard time navigating these sites. It is frustrating for us also. What may seem easy for you to navigate or understand is not for many of us. Maybe this could be made more user friendly for us who were born in a century without computers. We are trying.

  • Sorry but being old or young is not an excuse. And it's not a matter of navigation in these forums being difficult but a matter of attention on what your are doing.

    I was already an adult when the internet as we know today arrived and, following it, the forums, and I've learned to use them.

  • It is strange that Instant Search suppots keywords but start page's search does not(if I don't mistake, Instant search is based on start page search).