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Opera 55. Getting rid of that ugly CSD

  • Por favor voltem com a "Barra de Título" eu utilizo o Linux Mint com KDE, e o Opera descaracterizou completamente o sistema, ficou péssimo não ter a a janela, e mesmo configurando no sistema para voltar com as janelas, ela fica toda bugada.

    Corrija essa atualização,


  • This forum is in English.Also, don't shout.

  • Spamming my thread just to mention that opera 56 just reached stable and that csd is still there (and no way to disable it yet). Pity 😞

    On the upside though, for me at least, they put a toggle in the settings for "Scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab"! God knows how many times I accidentally clicked a tab and opera scrolled to it's top all these months since the feature became available.

  • I agree with cirio above - I'll downgrade back to 54.0.2952.71 until these dev decide to give us our options back. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone else deciding what I have to settle for. I really like Opera... but, I'm not married to it. If we can't get rid of that ungodly ugly win10 look, I'm thru with Opera.

  • I too am downgrading to 54 until one of two things happen. Opera wises up and allows us to choose the window manger theme (ie give us the option to have Opera look like all other windows, especially in Linux + KDE) or I make the time to migrate all my bookmarks to Firefox.

    I have used Opera for the past decade and I really love it, but Opera is now utterly hideous on Linux. Thank the heavens macOS forces Opera to obey its theming or I would migrating my bookmarks instead of posting this message.

  • @ivarzlv said in Opera 55. Getting rid of that ugly CSD:

    I am using Kubuntu 16.04, after Opera update to the 55.x, I cannot normally use developer tools anymore. I am working with two monitors and I am always detaching developer tools so developer tools could be on one screen and webpage on another.

    After detaching developer tools (to be in a seperate window) everything is fine, but when you are trying to move seperated window somewhere it loses title bar (see attached image). It's super annoying and it's hard to work with a bug like this.

    P.S. After update to the 55.0.2994.44 the bug is still there. 😞

    alt text

    I have the same problem on Opera 56.0.3051.31 in Kubuntu 18.04... waiting for a fix on this important issue!

  • The problem is not the CSD itself, the problems are the CSD that don't uses GTK buttons, and the dialog windows, like DevTool that don't need the CSD. So, the developers should add an option to enable or disable the CSD, if it is enable, it should apply only for main windows but not the dialog ones, and use GTK buttons; if disable, simply do not show the button on the site of taskbar and show the titlebar on all windows.

  • @rexfx said in Opera 55. Getting rid of that ugly CSD:

    The problem is not the CSD itself, the problems are the CSD that don't uses GTK buttons,

    Thats what csd is! The client (= app) desides to use its own buttons and frame to draw itself and ignore what the server (= xorg or wayland + window manager) offer for the job (= drawing of the title bar, borders and icons for minimize/maximize/restore/close)

    A typical example of csd usage, excluding chrome and chromium, is the whole of gnome apps (nautilus, file-roller, gedit, etc) which use their own csd even when they are not run under gnome. They also do not offer a way to disable csd.
    Luckily, there is a patch for those

  • Hello, maybe on this opera version already exist any app, add on, extension or sth to come back back/forward button with spacebar controlling?

  • The original opera developers had moved to Vivaldi, it provides a check box in settings to use System's Frame/Theme that could bring back the Title Bar & Border.

    Looks like the Opera Developers are Windoz heads to favor Windoz users' requests with no reason (
    And it even removed the option to bring back System's setting like Vivaldi does. (So you have to stay with Windoz).
    The intension (Windoz like UI, no response to Linux Users' requests) is so obvious. And it's your choice to stay with it.

    Good luck!

  • For me, the vivaldi devs have done a more fundamental mistake than the csd: they made an electron based app. As far as I am concerned, it is my choise to not use any electron-based bs.

    Also, the screenshots on the other thread you mention do not have any sort of csd, just a hidden title bar and they were made 8 YEARS ago, back when opera was presto based and could allow almost any change to its ui.