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How to show some bookmarks folder on the Start Bar (Presto)

  • Do you want the menu to include the same Open All and Add Bookmark items as on the regular menu, or just the actual bookmarks and subfolders?

    Just the actual bookmarks and subfolders, but it's easy to ignore those 2 items, so ...

  • Just the actual bookmarks and subfolders, but it's easy to ignore those 2 items, so ...

    With a custom button you can expand specified bookmark folder on the sidebar panel.

    P.S. New forum doesn't allows Opera's button publication anymore.

  • @torrente

    Custom button can be placed anywhere (including Start bar)

    1. Rename your bookmarks subfolder to something like this "1_ Folder_Name" (the name should be started with "1_ ")

    2. Go to

    3. "Choose the button's action:" - select "Focus panel"

    4. "Enter the button's title (optional, but recommended):" - type any name you want

    5. "Additional parameters" - type "bookmarks" (with quotes!!!)

    6. Choose an icon - select "Folder"

    7. Click on the "Add Second Action?" and select "AND (&)"

    8. In the "OR write the action as plain text:" filed insert:

    Focus previous widget & Focus panel, "bookmarks" & Insert, "1_ " & Backspace & Delay, 500 & Select all & Delete & Delay, 200 & Focus next widget & Open item & Focus page

    1. Click on the "Generate"

    2. Install or drag generated button (look at the top of generator's page where is "Your Button:") into the Start bar

    Now you have customized button installed on the Start bar that opens(and expands) specified bookmarks subfolder inside the Opera's sidebar.

    Also, you can enable "Appearance" - "Panels" - "Show panel toggle at edge of window" for quick enabling/disabling sidebar with mouse.

  • I was talking about a menu, not using the sidebar.

    Unfortnately we can't paste buttons into the new forum - if you don't want to edit the toolbar file by hand you can use Ian's (nontroppo's) button maker as linked above. For "the action as plain text", write

    Show Popup Menu, "Internal Bookmark Folder", 2

    For the title, enter whatever the title of the folder is. I wouldn't bother with an icon, but if you want there should be a folder icon in that list somewhere.

  • @sgunhouse

    Show Popup Menu, "Internal Bookmark Folder", 2

    Just tried to set keyboard shortcut and it doesn't work.
    How is it supposed to work?

    What is "Internal Bookmark Folder" and how enable it?

  • Focus previous widget & Focus panel, "bookmarks" & Insert, "1_ " & Backspace & Delay, 500 & Select all & Delete & Delay, 200 & Focus next widget & Open item & Focus page

    Thank you for your effort, but is this a joke "Select all & Delete" (this will delete all bookmarks). Don't worry I made a backup of my bookmarks prior.

  • Show Popup Menu, "Internal Bookmark Folder", 2

    Is this correct, because it doesn't work (I can't click on it):
    Button3, "OK"="Show popup menu, "Internal Bookmark Folder", 2, "OK", "Folder""

    I have tried replacing "2" with my folder ID (25), but it's still greyout.

  • @torrente, no it won't delete your bookmarks. "Select all & delete" works in text box, it needed for deleting text in the bookmarks bar's Search field (to focus specified subfolder in the bookmarks manager). I tested my button before publication and it worked every time!

  • @stng
    Sorry, I don't have bookmarks bar's Search field, so it deleted my bookmarks, LOL.

  • I'm more interested in this "Internal Bookmark Folder" command, but after numerous tries I still can't make it work.

  • Off topic: this new forum is really ugly. Please delete this post.

  • SOLVED: Thank you @sgunhouse, your method works great.

    I was copying and pasting (same) adr file between Opera 12 and 10, but something went wrong with ID's. Now is OK.

    Just replace "2" with your folder ID (my is 32) which you can find in your bookmarks.adr (Open in Notepad), so in your toolbar.ini it should look like this:

    Button2, "OK"=Show popup menu, "Internal Bookmark Folder", 32

  • You have deleted the search field from bookmarks sidebar panel? This is a pretty non-standard configuration. You need to drag it back (as it enabled by default). Also, you can replace "select all & delete" with "clear" command, so it wont affect your bookmarks even theorically!

    Ps: i dont think that internal bookmarks menu would work!

  • P.p.s i think that my method is still more preferable because you have a far less limiations in the bookmarks sidebar when it's compared with menu.

  • For the record. you can see "Internal Bookmark Folder" mentioned in the button maker dropdown - but choosing that always adds a ", 1" which would make it show the root folder (all bookmarks) Or you can see it used (with Include rather than Submenu) in the default menu file standard_menu.ini. The "32" seems strange there unless it's not actually your first folder - by default I think Trash is first, but on my system I dragged Trash to the end years ago.

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