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  • When i do control-f, to search the current page, i want the find-box to remember the search-text, so that if i switch to a different tab and control-f again, the same search-text will be pre-loaded.

    Chrome/Chromium work that way.

    How to do it?


  • @johnywhy Did you try using F3 to continue searching?

  • @leocg interesting. It almost works. It works as long as no separate search is performed on the subsequent tabs. But, if a different search is performed on the subsequent tabs, then that different search sticks.

    Ie, Opera search is basically independent from tab-to-tab. Which could be great in many use-cases!

    But, my scenario is: i google a term, open each google result in a different tab, and then i want to see the same search term on each page. Ie, i search for the same word on different tabs.


    • On a page, ctrl-f to find
    • type apple and press enter
    • go to a different tab
    • press F3 twice
    • find will search for same word, apple, on 2nd tab

    so far, so good. We got the same search on the two separate tabs.

    • now, on same tab, in search box, type banana and press enter
    • go back to the first tab. The first tab still has apple in the search box.
    • press F3. The first tab will not change to banana.
  • @johnywhy You should open the search field (Ctrl + F) only in one tab.

  • @leocg i think it's more accurate to say,
    "clear the find box on the 2nd tab before pressing F3"

    it doesn't matter if the 2nd tab's search field is open, for F3 to work. The search field on the 2nd tab can be open-- F3 will repeat the search from the first tab.

    But only if the search field on the 2nd tab is empty.