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Opera creating explorer.exe, is this OK?

  • A few days ago Malwarebytes started complaining about a file, explorer.exe in my temp folder. It turns out that whenever I start Opera this file is created and every time the file is created Malwarebytes complains. After chatting with folks over at Malwarebytes I have decided to uninstall Opera. I am wondering if the creation of the explorer.exe file is expected behaviour and why Malwarebytes things it's malware.

  • Probably some extension, not something that Opera does on my computer.

  • Yeah, it's definite not something Opera does on its own.

    In addition to uninstalling Opera like you did, if you didn't choose to also delete all your Opera data, also delete "C:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\Roaming\Opera Software" and "C:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\Local\Opera Software". Also, double-check that "C:\Program Files\Opera" is gone. If not, delete it.

    Also, goto "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Temp", select all files in it with ctrl + a and shift + del the selection. You can tell windows to ignore any files it can't delete. You can do the same with "C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads" if you don't have any files in there you want to save.

    Then, download opera from and install it. You should then be fine. If it does it again, check opera://extensions and make sure there are no extensions installed that you didn't install.

  • @user11

    There is a related thread in the Malwarebytes False Positives subforum from this year.

    A staff member replies that they will "fix it shortly".

    Being not a member on this forum I can't access the attachments for a closer look.

    Using the current Opera version without any third party extension on Windows 7 32-bit such explorer.exe isn't created on my computer.

  • Thanks guys! I uninstalled opera and ensured that all data was deleted. That seemed to do the trick. I no longer get the explorer.exe file showing up whenever I start Opera.