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Download Corrupt/Not Downloading Complete File

  • I've been dealing with this and am at odds ends with it. I've tried updating everything possible from drivers to Windows 10 to Opera, factory resetting my laptop, clearing cache and browsing data, and still sometimes my files don't completely download. It says it is completed but when I go to open, say a PDF, it says "file corrupt". Slowly I figured out when watching a file download that it will skip from around 50% downloaded straight to 100% and it's not the full size. I don't know where to go from here.

  • @gyejibai :

    • Does this problem occur also with Opera's built-in VPN switched off?
    • Can other web browsers successfully download the same files?
    • With which other file types besides pdf does this failure happen?
  • This post is deleted!
  • @yanta The problem doesn't happen with the VPN off, other browsers download just fine, and file type doesn't seem to matter. I've tried PDF, JPEG, ZIP, RAR, EXE... All with seemly random download percentages that they stop at,

  • @gyejibai

    The problem doesn't happen with the VPN off

    Okay. So you get corrupted downloads only when using Opera's built-in VPN.

    If you click on the VPN-button to the left of the address bar, you can find more detailed information about the current VPN server, especially its IP address:

    • Does the download work with another Opera VPN server without errors?
    • Can you assign the faulty downloads to a specific VPN server (= to a specific IP address)?

    What is your exact version of Windows?

  • @yanta Windows 10 version 1803. It seems to be with any server. Turning it off is the only thing so far to let it download completely.

  • @gyejibai

    It seems to be with any server. Turning it off is the only thing so far to let it download completely.

    My first question to you was about a possibly used Opera VPN, because I have already had similar experiences with incorrect downloads when I used one of the Opera VPN servers, in my case, however, these downloads were marked as incomplete in Opera's downloads list (CTRL+J). Since then I don't use the Opera VPN for downloads anymore.

    Every now and then Opera shows me a reminder that the VPN is still active, why sometimes I think that this feature is not intended for regular intensive use or downloads, but I can be mistaken. When Opera integrated the VPN function into its web browser, it was technically implemented by SurfEasy. SurfEasy was sold (one or two years ago IIRC), and since then there are relatively often smaller accessibility problems and availability issues with the new VPN servers, which Opera now manages itself. Therefore I do not know whether it promises success to investigate this problem further on the user side.

    However, I think that in any case a web browser should give feedback about faulty downloads, so that users are not left with the false belief that their downloads are done without errors.

    So would you mind giving us some direct download addresses for files that fail to download on your system if VPN is enabled? Then other users could compare whether these downloads also fail for them.

  • @gyejibai

    Windows 10 version 1803

    You could check if MS KB4284848 for Windows 10, version 1803, is still to be installed on your computer and if it helps to improve your situation; according to its description it fixes network issues and chrome-related problems. Since I still use Windows 7 myself, I lack my own experience here. Sorry for my poor English.