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  • Something weird happened yesterday. First I noticed that my desktop Opera browser stopped responding to my Speed Dial links, and then discovered that it would not follow any links at all, no matter how they were entered. This included the Opera Settings tab. Opera reports "Sending request to..." but nothing happens. Today, after a little more testing, I have found that this seems to be linked to whether I have opened any of the apps on my Google account. In other words, if I close all my Opera tabs, then close and re-open Opera, it will follow links and load pages correctly. But as soon as I open a Google app, it loses that ability. Need a little help here.

  • @bamh1d I should add that the same links work fine with either Firefox or Edge. Closing the Opera browser window and then re-opening it seems to temporarily solve the problem. So it does seem to be specific to Opera; none of this makes any sense to me.

  • @bamh1d Did you try this already?

  • @leocg Yes. I want to point out that everything was working fine with Opera before yesterday. I have no extensions, etc. Nothing significant, at least that I can identify, has changed - which is what makes this new behavior weird.

  • @bamh1d Well, I can now report that the problem somehow seems to be resolved. That is to say, I can once again open links in Opera without having to close/re-open it. I don't understand any of this - how having an active Google tab seemingly blocked opening of other links, and how the problem apparently was fixed without any intervention from me. Anyone care to comment?