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Opera for Android 47

  • @miyukiwork said in Opera for Android 47:

    We are happy to announce the release of Opera for Android 47 (47.1.2249.129326).
    As I’ve promised in the previous post, we’ve fixed the password saving feature and have added many more password related improvements. Besides the password feature, your online mobile shopping experience will be better in this version. Now you can save credit cards and addresses in the browser.

    Change log for this version:

    • Password synchronization
    • Password manager in Settings
    • Improved password saving

    Please try the new version and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.


    Password sync doesn't work.

  • @xazac
    Thanks for your feedback. In what way password sync does not work? Between mobile and desktop or mobile and mobile? Also all sites or only some sites?

  • @miyukiwork Hi Miyuki! Great improvements. There is one more thing which should be considered in the future releases, a setting which allows to hide the status bar of android, that would be very appreciated by AMOLED device owners.

  • @kutykurutty

    Is your device small (or smart watch)? Can you tell us which device it is exactly?

  • @miyukiwork Synchronization does not work: when I add a page to the tab on the computer (PC) it is not transferred to the mobile device.
    You can manually cause the saved tab from the PC to be visible on the Android mobile device, by logging out of the Android Opera and logging in again - then the added tab is visible correctly.
    Summing up, the problem is with the sync login memory for the Andorid mobile device.

  • @miyukiwork First of all thanks for the reply! It's a Galaxy S7, but this feature helps not only if the screen is small, it prevents burn-in of the status bar text/icons into OLED displays. Samsung Internet Browser has this setting already, but I like Opera better. This is the only missing feature which prevents me of using Opera instead.

  • @kutykurutty
    I've shared your input to our team. We'll analyze if it makes sense to have it in our browser.

  • @campedor92
    Which Desktop Opera version are you using? I've checked between Opera Desktop 55 and Opera for Android 47 (both are beta) and tabs are synced immediately.

  • @miyukiwork
    Version: 54.0.2952.64 - You have the latest version of the Opera
    Update channel: Stable
    System: Windows 10 32-bit

    Current Android version:

    It simply throws me out of the logged-in account in Opera Android and to synchronize the bookmarks I have to log in again, after earlier manual logging out.

  • @campedor92
    In 47.1.2249.129326, the sync feature has gotten a big feature upgrade. I recommend you to upgrade Opera for Android to 47.1 then try again the sync feature. Let me know if you still having problem with the feature.

  • @miyukiwork
    I have installed beta versions of Opera 47 and Opere Android 55 and the problem still occurs.

    After adding a favorite (in any folder) XYZ page in Opera PC to logged data to Opera, the page is available in the PC version. After launching the Android Opera on the Huawei P10 phone on the same logged-in account earlier on the phone, the XYZ page is not displayed in the tabs.
    I am forced to manually log out of the Opera on Android account and log in again on the same account data - then the XYZ page appears in the plants of the Android device (effective synchronization with the Opera account). And so I have to do it every time if I add a page to my favorite computer and want to view it on the phone.

    Activities done by me:

    • resetting the saved synchronization;
    • changing the synchronization settings to: "Encrypt all synchronized data using the synchronization password".

    Polish language version:

  • @miyukiwork Fair enough, I hope the team can implement this feature shortly and I can switch to Opera soon. Thanks for the feedback!

  • @campedor92
    When you bookmark a page on Desktop, which folder is chosen by default?
    Is it "Unsorted bookmarks" or "Other bookmarks"? Can you try to save in "Unsorted bookmarks" and see if it syncs to Mobile?

  • @miyukiwork It does not synchronize. If I add a page to the bookmarks on the phone, it immediately appears on the computer. Prior to the update, I did not have such a problem with synchronization.

    P.S. do not know why all the time in Opera Android pops up information that I have to log in again to Opera Forums to write a post. And in Opera PC I remember all the time as a logged-in.
    Maybe here is the problem with the browser not remembering logging into the Opera?

  • @xazac Is the problem with synchronization still with you?

  • @campedor92
    Are you getting a session mismatch popup? If so, the forum team is looking into the problem.

  • @miyukiwork

    I am not sure whether we are thinking about the same now.
    All the time I have status as in the picture.


  • @campedor92
    Did you disable "History" and "Open tabs" in mobile or it was already disabled? Can you try to enable all on both mobile and desktop to see if Bookmarks are getting synced immediately?

  • @miyukiwork History and open tabs have always been turned off and their inclusion does not affect the correct operation of the immediate synchronization from the Opera server to the phone.

  • @miyukiwork I continue to have password problems with Android O47.1.2249.129326. Some pages will fill-in the correct login data, while others will not- even though the password is indeed listed in Settings/Passwords.

    I can delete the login data from Settings/Passwords, go back to the Web site, login in manually, and then Opera will query me if I want to save the Password - to which I answer "Yes." Then logging out I am back with having to re-enter the login data when I go back to that site.

    Has there been any other reports of this ??bug???


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