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can't disable auto-update on opera 54.0

  • according to the help pages, i should be able to tell opera not to update itself automatically. this doesn't seem to be the case. first of all, the described menu hierarchy doesn't appear ; everything is on one page [see below]. secondly, there's nothing anywhere on that page that mentions auto-update. how can i disable opera's automatic update ?

    thanks !

  • @dave007 Tip: the only correct way to go to a program help page is by clicking on 'help' inside its menu or by pressing F1 while the program is opened and focused.

    If you do it in Opera 54, you will be led to, that doesn't say anything about blocking auto-updates.

    To disable auto-update you need to rename/delete its executable file in Opera's installation folder.

  • @leocg thanks much for the info ! 🙂

    however, i beg to differ that the only 'correct' way to search for help about a program is to press F1... quite obviously it is not [hence google's rise to omnipotence...]. furthermore, from a consumer's point of view, using your logic i could just as easily say 'the only way to provide help is to make available correct up-to-date information on the functionality of the product.' more to the point, pressing F1 in opera takes me to an index of all possible help topics which returns nothing appropriate for a search on automatic updates -- not at all helpful !

    i don't mean to bite the hand that feeds me, i truly am grateful for your information. your reply implies you might be involved in the development of opera, which is why i gave you that feedback. if you're not, my apologies, hope i haven't ruined your day. 😉

  • @dave007 Search for help about a program is not the same thing as searching for the program's help page. The only correct way to find the second is from inside the program.

    Even if you are going to use a search engine, you should limit the time interval of the search to at most one year, unless you want to find out how things used to work in the past.

    And no, I don't even work for Opera.