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Windows 8 Look on Windows 7

  • What are you talking about.... how is windows 8 not part of the Opera for Windows forum?


    The visual style already exists within OPERA, it AUTOMATICALLY activates when opera is used on a windows 8 installation. All I want is the ability to activate it on windows 7. This shouldn't be hard at all.

  • Your whole focus is on making Windows 7 look like Windows 8.1. The Opera part is so tangential 😉

  • No, opera itself looks different if you open it on windows 8 (the same installation) simply because it detects windows 8 instead of 7.

  • Remember: you change the layout of Windows 7 not the system, if you want the win 8 layout of Opera use Windows 8. Opera uses the "skin" that fits with the system.

  • There is no manual way to change this skin? It is only deeply rooted and controlled only by Opera?

  • As far as I know, there is no manual way to do that.

  • I love the way windows 8 looks, the square edges really turn me on. I have completely skinned my windows 7 on this home PC to look like windows 8 with clear aero like bars and I love it. I installed OPERA on my windows 8.1 laptop and on this PC at home and noticed that the ENTIRE BROWSER on this pc looks like CRAP! It's all rounded edges, including the address bar! All I want it to change this to the windows 8.1 look I have on my laptop... and it's proving difficult for me alone.
    Does anyone know how I should go about doing this?

    the question is why don't you use windows 8 instead stick with 7 and want it look alike 8?
    issue from windows xp age still happen now.

  • There is no manual way to change this skin? It is only deeply rooted and controlled only by Opera?

    Have you tried changing the visual style for your windows install? Don't think that would change the tabs though but it's worth a try

  • Daoluong,

    The reason I'm not updating to Windows 8.1 is the drop in 3D performance in most games, on my home PC I am a major gamer and losing 5-6 frames does bother me (be it small). I will eventually when they properly patch it and I don't have to worry about losing performance.

    I have my visual style customized to appear as windows 8.1 using custom windows 8.1 visual themes and a theme patcher. Everything (folders, startbar, command buttons) looks like it is part of windows 8, yet opera seems to check something else when deciding what skin to use. I am writing this reply from my laptop with the sexy sleek windows 8 skin that opera sports by default and it's just making me more annoyed.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

  • So calinan, did you manage to find anything on this?

    I'm also looking for a way to control the skin. I need the opposite than you: Opera's Win7 looks on Win8, I simply hate the boxy squared tabs shape.

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