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Opera Sync issues since last update

  • Hello, I am User of Opera software cataloque since Opera 6. It was never perfect, but closest to fit my criteria, so thank you for you hard work.
    I have updated few weeks ago Opera to 46.2.2246 on my Samsung S7 with Oreo. Since this version the synchronization of tabs got broken. It is not sync'ing all of them, but random 1-5. Recently I had 100 of them, but I decided to copy them manually (!) and cleared all the data through Android settings that application got fresh and new to vanish possible issues from my side. Then I have created completely new Opera account (the one I am writing from), on my PC I have reinstalled Opera Browser, removed totally the user profile, logged in to the new one and imported my bookmarks from html backup file. Speed dials got synced, bookmarks got synced, tabs weren't. In Opera sync-internals there are no errors at all, all is green all is heart-beating. When I am opening new tabs on my mobile browser only up to 5 of them are being shown on the or in Opera for Desktop, and even these aren't the latest ones, but random.
    I have also tried to disable power saving features for your application thinking that Android is killing Opera while in sync, but apparently that wasn't the case, because the issue still persists.

    I have reported this error but as always there is no response nor update (Throughout perspective of few years I see your release program doesn't support quick bugfixes at all).

    Can you please help me to investigate how this problem could be solved? What else can be done from my side to eliminate potential issues I could have? I am syncing through multiple VM's and mobile devices and this issue is very disturbing.

  • Hi, when updated all my Operas and cleared up the password sync once again the issue persists.
    Can anyone try to help me? The user who is with you for years and trusts you?

  • Did you try reinstalling Opera?

  • Yes, on all devices, multiple times. Every time with files/profiles cleanup. In windows %appdata%.
    Speed dials and bookmarks are correctly in sync, being updated immediately, but only 5 tabs are synced and not always the latest ones.
    Just a simple test. I have 40 tabs opened on Opera for Android. I am opening new one and adding to speed dial. The speedial syncs, the tab not.
    In sync-internals under sessions I see a lot of tabs already been closed and only few of new ones are incoming - the same I see after the sync. Seems like Opera for Android is not commiting all the tabs I have.
    Chrome has a sync bug (or annoying feature) that only tabs that are currently in-memory are synced so I need to re-open them manually one by one. Here this method also did not worked.
    I tried to change the encryption to custom passphrase after sync password reset, but again - bookmarks are fine, tabs not.
    It does not work on my old account thus I created new myOpera account (that one) and issue persists.

  • Hi, a small progress update,
    I sent an Opera Bug report two Opera Mobile versions back then and now I see it could've started working.
    Although, the My Tabs button on the Opera Desktop sidebar started showing up randomly, so currently I cannot see it at all as I saw it yesterday twice with all tabs greatly updated.
    The webpage has all my updated tabs and bookmarks shown, great!

    It would be nice if one of the dev's could respond here if they are actually doing anything in this case and they're aware.