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Editing passwords or saving changed passwords Please help me ! ! !

  • Hello,
    I've searched the questions and answers here on the Opera forum. But I can't find this particular situation so I'm posting it is a new question.

    I have a problem with Opera and its saving passwords.
    As an example, I'm going to use as the website I want to log on to and change my password.

    Opera stores my password for Newegg, and I want to change my password on Newegg.

    So after I change my password on Newegg, I go to the Opera settings and I delete my password for Newegg.
    I can only keep or delete my password on Opera, so I delete it because I mistakenly think that Opera will ask if I want to save my new Newegg password (since there is no saved password for Newegg because I just deleted it.)

    Opera will let me remove, hide, or show the password but it will not let me edit it. So, I just delete it.

    But then when I go back to Newegg and sign in manually Opera does not ask if I want to store the password. That's the problem that I'm having.

    I know my problem would be solved if Opera let you edit your saved passwords. If it does let you do that, I haven't found the way to do it.

    Is there a way that I could simply edit my passwords on Opera that I don't see in the settings?
    I would greatly appreciate someone helping me because I've been racking my brains trying to find the solution.


  • @gtdom When you go to a site and use a new password to login, Opera asks if you want to update the stored password.

  • Hello, thanks for the reply.

    I should have put in my question that I'm running Windows 7 and Opera 54.0

    I just went to and changed my password and Opera didn't respond to anything.

    I've changed passwords on sites many times and I've never seen Opera ask me if I want to save the new password. Do I need a different add-on, and I running the wrong version?

    Appreciate if you could help me.

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