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After new updates Win10 Opera and chrome doesnt work anymore

  • Hello,

    I'm having some weird problem.
    I have Windows 10 pro installed on my system, and with a clean installation everything works perfect, but every time after a few days my pc reboots and it found some updates. After logging in windows the browsers -Opera and -Chrome doesn't work anymore.
    The browsers -Internet explorer and -Firefox does work and i cannot figure out what is going on here.
    I tries a lot of things like;
    -resetting the network drivers in the cmd
    -reset my router
    -pinging router and checking the internet connection(all good)

    The thing is that i cannot load the websites with Opera and Chrome???

    Please all the help is welcome

  • @cobusopera i dunno if this will help.. Make sure that this flag is not Enabled on Both browsers.. Set the Flag to Default



  • @cobusopera Doesn't work how?

  • @leocg The browsers cannot load the pages an sometimes really slow... Now the other browsers have it also?

  • @cobusopera It seems that the update went bad, see if you can revert it.

  • @nvmjustagirl They are all on default

  • Several questions:

    1. What version/build-number of Windows 10 Pro are you "clean installing" each time?
    2. Approximately how many updates is it installing each time when the computer reboots and "finds some updates"?
    3. How old is your computer?
    4. What antivirus is installed on the system?
  • @cobusopera try this - go to control panel - click Internet Options - click Connections tab - click LAN Settings button - Uncheck (Automatically detect settings) or it may be called (Detect automatically the configurations)

    if its already un-checked no harm..

    Note - uncheck use proxy server if it is checked..

    actually there should be no boxes checked

  • @blackbird71
    17134.112 is the build.
    question number 2 i don't know because i cannot turn off the updates(really annoying!) so it is doing it always when im not in front of my pc.
    My computer is new AMD ryzen 7 etc. and the first installation i was running AVG and the second time i was running AVAST.

  • @nvmjustagirl
    I did, and also no succes

  • Yesterday, Microsoft released a special update (KB4284848), dealing mainly with network issues, applying to Windows 10.

  • @cobusopera said in After new updates Win10 Opera and chrome doesnt work anymore:

    17134.112 is the build. ...

    That indicates you are using the so-called "April Update" Windows 10 (1803 version), and the related patch download that bumped the 1803 version to that build number (17134.112) was KB4284835 which first emerged on 12 June. Depending on the version you've been reinstalling, it's possible that one of the subsequent Windows auto-updates/upgrades following reinstall is triggering the problem. The suggestion from @yanta has merit, since one of the fixes in that just-released update is for an issue Win10 can have with causing the latest Chrome versions to stop working, along with fixing a host of other performance/incompatibility issues.