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Chrome extensions imported to Opera on all platforms

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    I have quite a few extensions and add ons that I and many others use among the major browsers. With the constant updates to the all the major browsers, it is getting to be tedious to carry along all the useful extensions from revision to revision.
    Opera in previous revs made IT EASY TO ADD EXTENSIONS FROM CHROME. Now it's a big fat PITA.
    Sorry for posting in the wrong topic. But I remember a previous version of Opera where there was a facility to click on an option to import all of the chrome browser extension. If it has NEVER been there... perhaps you might make it a useful option.
    Isn't Opera source code being developed from the same set of source code as the Chrome browser?
    It's a small amount of additional code for a very big gain to the entire Opera user community.

  • @sostpm Although both Opera and Chrome are based in Chromium, they are different browsers and one's extensions may not work in the other and vice versa.

    Probably because of it, Opera never had an option to import or install Chrome extensions.

  • @sostpm You can use this extension to install Chrome extensions: It may not be what you're looking for regarding importing and be a bit time consuming installing them one by one, but it does work. Be advised that it wil install only extensions and not Chrome Apps since Opera is not currently designed to run Chrome webapps.