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Speed Dial customization + general questions

  • is there a button to show closed tabs?

    Nope. Just go to Menu > Recently Closed.

    for some reason I can't manage to group tabs together.

    Tab stacking is not available yet.

  • On closed tabs, if you want more than the menu item "Recently Closed" you can get a nice button in the extension, "Sexy Undo Close Tabs," which I have been using.

    If you click on the icon button for this extension, you immediately have a list of all of your closed tabs, and can open whichever you want. It also can restore the shortcut Control Z for opening closed tabs. The shortcut Control Shift T continues to work, so you have a choice.

    Since the new Opera doesn't have stacked tabs yest (though you still can pin tabs), I thought you might be interested in extensions to improve tab managements. This article is a couple years old, but can give you some ideas. There's a lot more than this out there.

  • @shravan 1804

    Sorry, I forgot to post the link to the browser test (involving Opera 17) I quoted from in my initial post to you, so I'll provide the quote again, this time with the link immediately after.

    "A lot has changed with Opera since we last tested browsers twelve months ago. Since then Opera have switched from using their own "Presto" rendering engine to instead using the same engine as Chrome. Whilst this change has been received with mixed reviews by Opera users, with some unhappy that many of Opera's original features were dropped, our tests results actually show that the "new" Opera is a browser to be reckoned with outperforming Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 25, and Safari 5 in our tests. Opera 17 came top in 3 out of our 15 tests, and runner up in 6. The browser also secured highly on HTML5/CSS3 compliance and in our aggregated Javascript performance tests . . ." (Of course, we are now at Opera 21 as the last stable version).

    They also noted that if you keep the browser open a lot, Opera Blink is the best choice because "initial page loads are the quickest of all the browsers tested."

  • Thanks a lot for your answers, they are very helpful.
    I didn't know we could now use chrome extension, this is very interesting.

    I noticed too that Opera 21 is significantly faster than Opera 12.17

    Thanks again,


  • One final point about your Speed Dial. If you drag the thembnail of one link on top of the thumnail of another, you can create a folder. You can keep dragging new thumnails ( that you add to the speed dial) into the folder. Let''s pretend you keep doing this until you have ten items in each position of a 3x 3 speedial. (You can do less, more, whatever). But with 10 items in each position of your tiny 3x 3 speeddial you could showcase 90 sites.

    I just wanted to give you an idea how it can do more than the tradtional Speed Dial in Opera 12. Of course you don't have to do much with it. You can focus on your personal bookmarks toolbar to the exclusion of, or in complement with, the speed dial. You see, you have more options for how you want to preserve your favorites.

  • Great thanks!

  • You can use SpeedDial Patch to further customize the Speed Dial (still working with Opera 21.0.1432.57)

  • @shravav1804

    I would focus on the basic features of the Speed Dial, as it should be more than enough, though it doesn't hurt to know there is a patch where one can customize even further. I didn't know there was a patch, so. thanks for posting it kreonsa.

  • Also because you asked for developments plans, here's something I just found that you might find of interest.

  • Hi!

    I have still been using 12.14, but noticed YouTube doing strange things suddenly, so I'm thinking of stepping over the the latest Opera version.

    In 12.14 I have always disabled the speed dial, keeping the whole page blank, except for the search bar.

    My question: is it possible to do the same thing in the latest Opera version?

  • Hi!
    I have still been using 12.14, but noticed YouTube doing strange things suddenly, so I'm thinking of stepping over to the latest Opera version.
    I saw aome YouTube video showing that this happens now as YT changed the page lay out.

    In 12.14 I have always disabled the speed dial, keeping the whole page blank, except for the search bar.
    My questions:

    1. Is it possible to do the same thing in the latest Opera version?
    2. Does YouTube work fine in the new Opera?
  • @lodestone

    I just checked my YouTube on Opera 21 and it's working fine. Now on YouTube, if you have the latest version of Flash, and don't by mistake activate Off-Road mode in Opera 21 (make sure it's off) it should work for you. If for some reason it's not working, go in the Opera 21 browser to the Adobe flash website, and see if you can update.

    On disabling the speed dial, a few choices here. You might want to:

    (1) use the speed dial as your home page, but set up no links on it) (that page comes with a Google Search bar, and you could set up at least one link/tile (since YouTube can be viewed as an extension in the Speed Dial)
    You could add a nice theme from the Opera website to that page. opera://themes/ Or make wallpaper on your own computer a speed dial background, or right click on any image that you see on the internet, that's a jpg, and make it wallpaper. So then, I see you'd have one speed dial item that you want anyway (YouTube), a search bar, and nice wallpaper.

    or (2) instead of using the screen dial select something other than the speed dial as your home page, and something other than the speed dial as your next tab page. For example if you go to the Opera Menu in Opera 21 (Alt P gets you there too), and click on opening a specific page or set of pages, you can then set a page to the search engine that you want. (As to making the page blank with just a search engine, since I don't know how to do that, I was thinking that you find a page on the internet that you can live with that is close to that as you are comfortable with). On a new tab, Opera 21 defaults to the speed dial, but you can short circuit that by downloading an extension from Opera store called, "Custom New Page Page," That's an Opera extension, so you just click that you want it and you have it.

    If at any time you want to look in the Chrome store for extensions (there are more there than in the Opera store), the Opera 21 browser can use almost any Chrome extension as long as you have the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension."

    In general Opera extensions are at: (you can get there by just clicking on Get Extensions in the main Opera menu.

    Chrome Extensions are at their web store:

  • Thank you so much. I will use that information if I ever need to change to the latest Opera version and that work around would still be needed for what I want.

    But just a few minutes ago this happened: I tried to remove Opera 12.14 using Revo Uninstaller, but it did not work, something about no Admin rights. So I did it in safe mode with Revo.

    Then in Firefox I surfed to the Opera download page, and after watching the promotion video clip saw a link below that: "Download Opera 12".

    I figured Opera had a latest version now also called Opera 12... although I did not understand why they would call it that. 😃

    I downloaded it, and again could only install it in safe mode. I'm using it now posting this, and it turns out to be 12.17 and works fine with YouTube I just found out. (I might have just messed something up in 12.14.)

    As I saved the setting of 12.14 when I uninstalled it -using only the default uninstaller mode- it looks just like I like it, identical to my previous 12.14.

    I'm glad the weird looking YouTube behavior has changed to normal now. It would for example play the same video again even though I had clicked on another one already and the title of that new one appeared, but under playing clip of the previous one. Only after refreshing the page would the new clip actually play. Also half blank pages... weird.

    All solved now.

    Thanks again,

    I tried to edit my first above post, but instead a second post appeared with quotes. : )

  • You have to click on the cog to edit, not the quote mark, but since they're close together a mis-hit can happen. One final thought. You can download Opera 21 and it will go into a different directory than Opera 12. You can then operate them side by side, if you chose. That way you could use both. keep Opera 12 as your default, but play around a bit with Opera 21, get more familiar with it.

    In any event, best of luck! Glad things have worked for you. YouTube is, for sure, an essential.

  • Yes, I saw somewhere someone write he got the classic and the new version side by side.

    Just for play I'm going to try it, but since I use the browser integrated mail client of 12.17, I will probably keep using that version. Especially because I run Opera in Sandboxie by default, so that includes the mail client.

    I don't see any advantage in using the new Opera, on the contrary, but to be fair I'll try it out next to the classic one.

    I'll utilize your tutorial for hiding the speed dial blocks in the new version.


  • I was able to make the bookmark bar appear and put StartPage on it. Now I first get the speed dial page (sorry, not my taste, even having the minimum of 2 columns on it) but at least I can hit the SratPage button right after that on the bookmark page and get the same nearly blank page I also get in 12.17:

    I'll keep the classic one for mail at least for now. The new Opera seems a bit faster. We'll see... 🙂

  • Wanted to correct " SratPage" in the above post, but clicking on the cog only made it change to dark gray, not further action.

    No biggie.., ; )

  • PS:
    Even better... I made StartPage my real start page; only it appears when opening the browser of Opera 21. No speed-dial page appears anymore.

    Settings > Open a specific page or set of pages > Set pages >

    : )

  • YouTube is still behaving weird in 12.17. I have to refresh the page to get the next video clip I already clicked on. Otherwise it plays the same clip I saw, even thought the title of the new chosen one appears under the previous clip that is being played again.

    No biggie. I'll use 21 sometimes because it seems a bit faster. But otherwise I seen no advantage.

  • In 21 the adds show on YouTube even though I have AdMuncher on. This does not happen in 12.17. But in 12.17 YouTube behaves weird, as mentioned.

    I'm beginning to wonder which Browser to make my default... maybe FireFox?