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Page save (Ctrl+S) does NOT save the currently loaded page

  • When you save a page, Opera re-downloads it and saves a fresh version of the page, instead of save the currently loaded page.
    It's a big problem, especially when it comes to pages that changes frequently. It's also very confusing, because 'Save' option in every software usually means to save what you already have, but Opera can save completely different content than you actually see (if the page has changed in the meantime).

    I noticed this when I saved some tabs loaded a day before to read later, and when I opened the files, they didn't have the content I wanted to save back then.

    This really needs to be fixed, or at least, the option should be named 'Download' instead of 'Save' so the user will be aware what this actually does.

  • @roquez If you want a snapshot of the page, you can use 'save as PDF'.

  • @leocg Yeah, now I see it. 'Save as PDF' works as it is supposed to.
    Though I still think that HTML save is misleading here and it should be changed.