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How about an option to disable the "Exit Full Screen" pop up message?

  • This Exit Full Screen msg makes me crazy. Needs disabling.

  • Please don't spam the board by posting the same message several times. All new posters require moderator approval, posting the same thing in a different thread will not change that.

    Having said this, this is obviously a feature request and should go in the appropriate forum - thread moved.

  • Oh, I guess since you guys didn't respond to this same post two years ago, perhaps now as I posted it twice y'all would take notice.

  • @ierosadopr If you had taken some time to read these forums, you would know that you should not expect any official response, specially regarding feature requests.

    Also, such message is, as far as I know, something that comes from Chromium, so maybe it would be better to suggest that option to them.

  • This thread exemplifies everything frustrating about the internet; It contains some of the right words but the words are not employed effectively.

    The "Exit Fullscreen" message is feature of a Chromium. It can be toggled on or off in the Chrome browser. chrome://settings/contentExceptions#fullscreen

    So is the ability to disable a feature, a feature itself?

    Opera has (foolishly) decided to exclude the feature to disable this feature..... in their software. So the original post should say "Please enable toggling the built-in Chromium 'Exit Fullscreen' message off." It should be a fifteen minute patch fix, not a multi-year long and multi-thread argument.

    P.S. Please do it. What other hotkey prompt is reiterated every time the trigger action is performed? Imagine if you hit CTRL+C and the screen said "You Have Copied Text Please Press CTRL+V To Paste" for 5 seconds in 24pt font. Anyone using excel for more than ten minutes would become suicidal. The internet has changed. User go full-screen dozens of times per day. Pair that with the fact that Chrome is now the most popular browser on earth and that Opera users are typically not day one computer users, I can't imagine a single Opera user over the past 3 years, has received value from seeing that message. Not one.