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Add Opera to the Windows 10 SendTo menu

  • If I just add an Opera shortcut to the SendTo folder, it doesn't work. It opens a window with text such as


    How can I add Opera t the SendTo menu?

    Chuck Billow

  • @cwbillow You probably would need to edit the registry.

  • Right-click on "C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe" and choose to create a shortcut on your desktop. Then, cut the shortcut and paste it into "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" (Windows 10). Rename the shortcut what you want.

    Then, right-click on an html file for example that's on your desktop, goto "send to" and choose Opera. You'll see that the html file loads in Opera.

    That's how it should work. Are you saying you're right-clicking on a shortcut and trying to send that shortcut to Opera's send_to shortcut? If so, the reason you get what you get is that Opera itself doesn't support url files directly like that. You have to double-left-click the url file (when Opera is the default browser) or drag it into Opera. Same thing happens with Chrome.

  • @burnout426 Alternatively, you can type in "shell:sendto" into the Run box and it'll open the SendTo folder directly.

  • Seems to be that *.urls is parsed by windows.
    Kinda like that:

    1. Windows parses *.url file
    2. Windows opens url parsed from *.url in default browser

    So this is not possible without custom executable/script to parse url files.
    You can try to write your own parser for that, try to rewrite already existing one (or use it without rewriting) [Method 2], or parse *.url files by browser itself.

  • Well, seems to be a bit beyond me at this point. Thanks guys anyway.