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Opera Mini 35 for Android is here!

  • Dear All,

    Opera Mini team is happy to announce that we have a new stable version available for you to download from Google Play.

    What we have prepared in Opera Mini 35:

    • due to GDPR regulations, we have added a new consent screen on start. You'll be asked about product stats and personalised ads (switching it off won't remove ads;) you will just get generic ones)
    • we have fixed crash while entering a private tab on certain web view versions
    • we have fixed a bug, where you couldn't go fullscreen with your YouTube video
    • we have fixed issues with Speed dials not being properly synced with Opera server
    • and we made about 20+ stability fixes...

    This update is available now, and as always, we ask for your feedback. Please write it here as a comment or file a report through settings inside Opera Mini.

    We are also aware, that disabling images in extreme compression mode is broken. We'll be fixing that soon.

  • "We are also aware, that disabling images in extreme compression mode is broken. We'll be fixing that soon."
    Thanks for noting, I thought it is only me, but it is assuring to read it officially.

  • The Fold Linklists feature that fold many same links at once with a plus icon seems to be wrong on 35.
    An alternative workaround is to go to opera:config and disable the automatic fold option.

  • Problem 1:-
    If I go to youtube's search bar then frequently my keyboard doesn't comes up. I thought it was my keyboard app problem but it wasn't. Keyboard app fully works with any other application & even any web browser in the youtube.

    Problem 2:-
    Go to Opera Mini's Wikipedia page then you can see some texts are overlapping each other. Its font rendering problem (Only in Automatic & Extreme mode)

    Problem 3:-
    Opera Mini can't able to render Bengali language font as well. Still it depends some old school font rendering method. It can't render bengali (Ro with zo fola) if I do input (Ro with zo fola) then I got (Zo reph) as output. Its definitely problematic. [ If there has any bengali developer in Opera Mini team pass this to them ]
    [ Previously this (Ro zo fola) problem was in Microsoft Windows & Google Android but Microsoft fixed it Windows 7 onwards & Google Fixed it Android 5 onwards ] though my device can show (Ro zo fola) as well but Opera Mini can't able to show (Ro zo fola) & instead it shows previous problematic (Zo Reph)

    Problem 4:-
    If file downloading process running on then I can't able to browse any webpage. Everytime it says "Try Again" or "Timed Out"
    All bandwidth is used for downloading?? and there's nothing to browse webpage?? WTF??? Facing this problem both for Wifi & Mobile network connection.

    Problem 5:-
    Opera Mini's "Splash Screen" ad system is real annoying dumbshit. Remove this f**king bloody crap ASAP.

    Fix all of those problems As soon as possible.

    ( Since Opera Company & Opera Developers are totally careless maybe all of my words are like "Crying in the wilderness" but still I hope maybe they'll fix those problem )

  • @jackob11 said in Opera Mini 35 for Android is here!:

    Fix all of those problems As soon as possible.

    This kind of comment is not allowed. They know they need to fix the problems, there's no need for you or anyone to say that, even more in a way that seems that are ordering or demanding.

  • Is it possible to let Google search always provide the next search page instead of the extended scrolling at the button side?
    Meanwhile the Google search hang out frequently during high,extreme and auto data saving mode.
    How could i provide the problematic website since the search words are now occupying the address bar and the sites are hidden away?

  • Alright... so, Mini 35.1 for Android was pushed to Google Play.

    The roll out is currently set to 5% of the user base, so it might take some time after it reaches your devices.
    Anyhow, we fixed the issue with images in extreme mode, we fixed connection issues on high mode on newest web view, we also fixed an ANR when posting on twitter in extreme mode. There are also a couple of minor bug fixes here and there.

  • Wikipedia page's font rendering problem is still persist in 35.1 version.

  • Fluid and responsible. Thanks for the 35.1

  • I have Android 4.4.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

    After I've updated my apps via play store (first time in maybe a year or two) I got a lot of problem with Opera browser. Opera stops very often. The message is "Opera stops", and the browser must be shut down.

    This was not a problem before I did the update via play store.

    The problem is so annoying that I'm thinking of trying another browser, for the first time. I've always been using Opera browser on my mobile phone.

  • @codigeeks can you share the exact scenario when the "Opera stops" happen?

  • @bpydzinski said in Opera Mini 35 for Android is here!:

    switching it off won't remove ads;) you will just get generic ones

    ugh, ads.

    on the one hand, you save bandwith with turbo and ad blocking on the site, but then use all those savings to download a half minute long vid for "Wish"

    there were times, one could happily survive on a 100meg data plan, but now life with even 500 becomes hard 😞

  • The video is not the problem. Plenty websites now use https that is impossible to compress. Heck, pure text web with 1 mb size. The good old day for http surfing is gone.