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Download Opera bookmarklet crashes Opera

  • I'm trying to use my "read later" bookmarklet for The Javscript content of said bookmarklet is this:


    The problem: that code keeps crashing Opera (53.0.2907.68) every single time.

    Does anyone know why this is happening or how to get around it and save bookmarks to directly from within Opera?

  • Ok, so no one has that issue, or more likely no one here is using Pinboard? 😞

    I'd like to switch to Opera (from Google Chrome) as my main browser, but this issue is preventing that. I really need to be able to post new bookmarks to Pinboard directly through Opera. There used to be an Opera extension, but it seems to be dead—the installation link leads to a 404 page.

    Could some kind soul on this board maybe try out the bookmarklet Javascript code I posted above? You don't need to have a Pinboard account. Just select and copy the Javascript code, create a new bookmark in Opera and paste the code as its URL/address. Then just open that bookmark on any page.

    What should happen: A small pop-up window with the Pinboard login page comes up.

    What most likely will happen: Your Opera crashes.

    But could someone (on macOS) please confirm that? Maybe it's actually something weird and buggy on my end only.

  • @eisenheim tried reproducing the issue you mentioned but it seems to be working just fine. After pressing created bookmark new popup window appears asking for login credentials to
    Could you try run following command from terminal on your macOS

    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPCrashEmail

    Replacing with some identifiable email so we could try to find the crash in our crash logging system. There must be something in your configuration that is causing this crash and finding which setting/extension causes this would probably help us to reproduce it.

  • @mgeffro Thanks for trying that out. Yes, that popup window is the intended outcome here. So there must be something wrong on my machine.

    I just ran the terminal command with the email address I'm using on this forum—I hope that's identifiable enough. Then I tried the bookmarklet again, Opera crashed and according to my LittleSnitch a crash report should have gone out. Hope that helps identifying the problem.

  • I can't view your email. In crashlogs I found so far mail matching jua**** is it yours by any chance?

  • @mgeffro No, that's not my mail. Mine is "y*****". Can I reach you, or any other Opera support staff, via email directly? And is there a way to look at and/or mail Opera crash reports manually?

    The one thing I found out myself so far is that certain activated extensions seem to trigger my Opera crashing (when accessing the Pinboard bookmarklet). One of those extensions seems to be "1Password" for example. But there is quite a few others that trigger it. When I run Opera vanilla without any activated extensions the crashes don't happen anymore.

  • @eisenheim forgot to mention that you should also have enabled setting 'automatically send crash reports to Opera' in opera:settings. In either case could you check if you got any .dmp files inside any subfolder in <profile>/Crash Reports directory?