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  • With the old opera 12 series if you wanted to go back you just installed the older version over the one you had. Can't you do that with the new opera?

  • Would what you are talking about be in "Program files (x86). There I see 3 files, "21.0.1432.57, 21.0.1432.57_0 and another folder "old_status".

    Here i have 21.0.1432.57 and 20.0.1387.91, don't know why you have that 21.0.1432.57_0. In this case you'll have to redownload, if the case, Opera 20 and reinstall it.

    Now should I either copy the 20xxxxx folder from the old computer or just do an install of ver 20?

    I'm not sur eif just copying the folder will work but you can try it. If it doesn't work, just download and reinstall Opera 20.

  • @loecg: The "..._0" directory will be created, if someone updates the same Opera's version twice.
    @mmcl26554: You can safely remove both: the "21.0.1432.57_0", and the "old_status" dirs.

  • Well that turned out to be a bust! It didn't change the font size and you could no longer click on the "X" and have the tab close. So I went back to 21. I guess I'll just have to just live with the micro font. One thing that kept happening was the "new version available" message kept popping up. Is there a way to turn off auto updating and have the message only come up once if at all?

  • Another insight into the mindset of Opera ASA now, the only possibility to disable auto-updating is to rename opera_autoupdate.exe, which will disable the ability to check for/download updates permanently (at least until the file is renamed again). Alternatively, if you use a software firewall (which I recommended), then you can simply block said file from accessing the internet.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no choice to disable auto-updates from within the program.

  • Do you mean to block opera_autoupdate.exe in the firewall? I was able to set that up in windows firewall. Will I still be able to update when I want? Will I get notifications of available updates or will I just have to check the website?

  • Just unblock it's access from your firewall if you wish to enable Opera's ability to check for updates.

    How you go about doing that depends on your firewall.

  • But I can still do a manual update without unblocking it correct?

  • I can't see why not.

  • I would mark this thread resolved if that can be done.