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Invalid Code Signature on latest update!

  • I updated to the latest version and now Little Snitch won't let it connect to the net because it's giving an Invalid Code Signature. The error is:

    "The code signature is invalid. Resources have been modified."


  • I use Little Snitch as well. I did not get an error message, but I had to allow access to DNS, HTTP and HTTPS all over again with the latest version of Opera. What is so different about this version that the firewall has to ask to allow things that had been allowed for Opera before?

  • @concretable What version are you on? I'm on 4.0.6.

  • @jpdefillippo For more info;

    Version: 53.0.2907.57 - An error occurred while checking for updates
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Mac OS X 10.13.4 64-bit

    The error is because Little Snitch won't allow outbound connections because of the code signing error.

  • @jpdefillippo It seems to me I have the same problem too. Little Snitch refused to connect via Opera because of an error named as invalid code signature that belongs to Opera. This happens just after updating my mac and Little Snitch.

  • @jpdefillippo @woodyhorse in Opera 53 we have update our code signature after company name change and almost reaching expiring date. We contacted developers of Little Snitch and waiting for their reply as they probably have hardcoded signatures of applications and are now failing check for Opera.

  • @jpdefillippo Same issue here. No movement? I simply cannot use Opera now.

  • @jpdefillippo said in Invalid Code Signature on latest update!:

    @concretable What version are you on? I'm on 4.0.6.

    My version of Little Snitch is 3.7. It works for me, and I did not realize that there was a new version.

  • @jpdefillippo @bstephenmitchell @woodyhorse :

    We got reply from Little Snitch support:

    "Rules in Little Snitch by default store an application’s code signature’s identifier and team identifier. After an update of the app, these two properties must still be the same for Little Snitch to recognize the app as coming from the same developer. When an update changes the code signing team identifier (as Opera did), Little Snitch will warn to the user that the app is by a different developer (because technically and practically, it is). At this point, Little Snitch cannot know if the app is a legitimate update or if it was replaced by something else, possibly with malicious intent.
    Users are then asked if they trust the running app and if they want to accept the new code signature. When they do, all existing rules will continue to work and everything is fine. This is what users should do after the update in the case of Opera 53.

    If they refuse to accept the running app’s code signature, Little Snitch prevents any network connections and expects the user to deal with the situation (replace the app with a legitimate version, remove the override rule that prevents connections, try again)."