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  • How do I PERMANENTLY remove a bookmark from the Opera 21 "Bookmark importer" (BOOKMARK IMPORTER) section?

    There does not seem to be any way to PERMANENTLY remove a bookmark once it is in the Opera 21 "Bookmark importer" section.

  • I use the Chrome extension, "Neater Bookmarks," and you can right click on any of the bookmarks in the imported section, and there's a delete option.

    I can't speak to other Bookmark Manager extensions, because I don't have any others on my computer right now.

    To download the Chrome extension, you do need the Opera extension, "Download Chrome Extension."

  • The Google Chrome extension called chrookmarks gives you a bookmarks sidebar that is very similar to the Opera 12 bookmarks sidebar.

    This extension also allows bookmarks to be deleted. (select, right click, delete).

  • You get a sidebar in Neater Bookmarks too. I had two problems with Chrookmarks: (1) it was a bit slow loading for me when I clicked on it, as if the bookmarks weren't in my computer but had to br downloaded. Neater Bookmarks is fairly instant, and (2) I have bookmarks, and beneath them imported bookmarks (which need to be incorporated into my bookmarks). Not sure where they all came from, but I need to take a look at them and save some into my bookmarks. With Tidy Bookmarks, which I tried first, and Chrookmarks afterwards, I could not cut and paste the imported bookmark into my bookmarks, or drag them there (very strange, it seemed). So I had to open the webpage for each imported bookmark, decide whether to keep it as a bookmark in my regular bookmarks. if so, I made a bookmark in my regular bookmarks, and then deleted it from imported. A rather arduous undertaking. With Neater Bookmarks, I could drag the imported bookmarks into regular bookmarks. That made incorporating the imported bookmarks into regular bookmarks simple. I could probably cut and paste too, with Neater Bookmarks, but I'm not at my desktop to check. Now maybe an update has fixed the Tidy Bookmarks and Chrookmarks problems, but that was my perception of them.