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Version 20/21 Increase tab text font size

  • YESSSS, that's super @Casaet. You can change the size or appearance of the bookmarks too (if at some point you want to play with that setting). I know sure what you mean by, "when you use folders, the fonts in the dropdown menus can be adjusted. So not a problem." This time, if you want to play with adjusting the caption of the bookmarks, just adjust "Message Box" in the items of the drop-down menu (after you click on Advance Appearance Settings) (which is part of Microsoft's Personalize feature). I just did it, and just to test, increased font size from 9-11, and selected bold. My bookmarks are all bold now. 🙂 Now I don't want them that way, so I'll change it back, but I may make a modest increase in size for myself too, from 9 - 10 in font size. Just to tweak it 🙂 After you save everything in a few places, (if you decide to play with this feature) make sure you close Opera, and then open it again. :)) And also, make sure you don't lose your menu change that you made and liked, and that these changes don't make you unhappy with how the rest of Windows looks. Anyway, you can always undo this stuff if you're unhappy.

  • Where is the "message Box" in Win 8.1?

  • I don't use Windows 8, but here's something you can look at and see if it helps. It relates to Windows 8 and 8.1.

  • Thanks, but doesn't seem to work as I would want. I want to selectively increase the fonts of the Opera menus, not anything else. Probably have to wait for a future update.
    It is a bit funny how developers don't seem to be aware of the increase in screen resolution during the last few years, and scale program components accordingly.

  • @teskjerpe HiDPI support is being worked on.

  • Are they also working on following windows zoom option because as it is now, 100% keeps the font size the exact same size as 150% while everything else in opera is bigger.

  • @sankook

    I can't quite follow what you're saying. There's a Windows Zoom and Opera Zoom? You say "100% keeps the font size the
    exact same size as 150% while everything else in opera is bigger." It's confusing me, your mix of Opera Zoom and Windows Zoom? Windows Zoomed to what? 150 percent? And if you set Opera Zoom at 100 percent what does that do. Why would everything in Opera, except for the font size be bigger than 150 percent, if the Windows Zoom is 150 percent. I'm just a bit lost here, so can't (though I'm sure I'm at fault here for being dense) follow the issue.

  • Opera has a zoom option for webpages only, this doesn't affect the UI at all, only the webpages content.

    Windows has a text zoom option(not sure what to call it exactly) that will make all text and the menu around them bigger and the new thing opera use for text(forgot what it's called) totally ignores it and stay the same size(which is why I'm sticking with v20), but the menu around the text still gets bigger when the zoom is increased.

    Here's what the option in windows looks like:

    Windows zoom

  • You have in that Windows setting for text and icons, (other items maybe also) set at what? 150 percent? (I take it you're not using the magnifier). Now Opera has that Zoom feature for webpage content. And also that HiDPI display support.

    Now here's what you said: "Are they also working on following windows zoom option because as it is now, 100% keeps the font size the exact same size as 150% while everything else in opera is bigger."

    But if the Windows Zoom is set at 150 percent, what did you mean by: 100 percent (presumably the Opera zoom setting) "keeps the font size the exact same size as 150 percent," while everything else in opera is bigger." It's that last part that's confusing. Why is everything elese bigger. Maybe it's bigger [greater than 150 percent] because of HiDPI display support, if you activated it in Opera 20. You know, though, that's it's no longer in Opera 22.

    Anyway, it's not that important if I can't follow it, except I was worried that maybe others can't. If you have a concern, it's a Suggestion Box (forum) issue to raise,and I know you understand it, but wasn't sure you described it clearly.

  • Lastest Developer's build has (a little) bigger font for the menus.

  • Yeah, it's probably not very clear, what I mean by "everything else" is the gray background for the menu, that gets bigger(the gray area is taking more space) even if the text doesn't.

    The opera zoom has nothing to do with it at all, by 100% being the same size as 150%, I mean if I toggle the windows text zoom from 100% to 150%, the size of the menus font in opera will not change size even though they should which is the only important thing to understand.

    So the gray area is affected by the 100% to 150% change as it should, but the text isn't. Nothing is greater than 150% and no, I haven't activated HiDPI support(I'm using a 720p 32" TV, not exactly high DPI).

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