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Auto close the browser when last tab is closed

  • My biggest annoyance (and it's pretty danged annoying) on Opera is when I close the last tab, opera does not close. How can I make it so that this happens? I searched the forums and the last post about this is a year old with no solution (, there is a SuperUser posting about this too ( with no solution either, but that one's two years old. In the super user post they recommend using CTRL-W to close tabs, which I suppose back then closed the browser if you were on the last tab, this this does not work for me with the current version.

    I'm really hoping that there is some recent that gives us a choice on this... Maybe some sort of setting combination? I've been digging around the settings (I'm on version 52.0.2871.99), but have not had luck so far.

    When I close the last open tab, my intention is to close the browser, not to go to the configured default page.

    Thanks, this is driving me insane...

  • @gmagana There is no way to do it as far as I know. No idea if an extension would allow you to do it.

    Not shutting down the browser when the last tab is closed is one of the things that differentiates Opera and make it better than other browsers.

  • @leocg Ah ok, then I guess it's settled, my experiment into switching to Opera is over. If a person of authority on the project treats functionality like this as a badge of honor, then it's unlikely to ever change, thus, I'll be on my way. Thanks for letting me know.

  • @gmagana No one from Opera said anything about the subject, at least not on this topic. I was just expressing my opinion as an user.

  • @gmagana said in Auto close the browser when last tab is closed:

    My biggest annoyance (and it's pretty danged annoying) on Opera is when I close the last tab, opera does not close. ...this is driving me insane...

    I'm sorry Opera's tab behavior is "driving you insane." For me, I occasionally accidentally close the last tab (particularly when I'm in a hurry and 'overshoot' while closing multiple tabs)... so having the browser auto-close immediately when that last tab is closed and then having to restart it is not something I want to have happen. Moreover, Opera is not the only browser to behave in this way.

  • If you use a keyboard, how about this?
    Ctrl + w closes the tab.
    Ctrl + shift + w closes the browser.

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