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  • Experiencing High Disk Usage (Max at 100% or near 100%, 97% or greater). This ONLY happens with Opera. I have disabled "BITS" in Windows registry; is Opera utilizing this in a way that is corrupting the load. Also the notation in the line is expressed as "ran launcher." What are some possibilities that have caused this hangup? After Windows Creator Update, my system became unstable and several issues were causing problems so I attempted modifications that were common to try to reduce the issues of Windows updating. And that is how I learned about BITS as one strategy to attempt to gain control over the system. However. whatever has transpired has now impacted Opera only.

  • @highdiskusage Opera's disk usage seems normal here. Open Opera's task manager and try to find out what process is accessing the disk that much.

    When the disk usage starts?

  • I have reviewed Opera Task Manager and (a) I am not sure of its direct advantage over Windows Task Manager (at least for this issue), (b) it does not appear to have any indicators corresponding to Disk Management (HDD). Nonetheless, there was nothing expressive to reflect "issues" even as I tried to close what was there. However, in Windows Task Manager, I can see that Opera is in conflict with the System Kernel (ntoskrnl.exe, PID 4). Whatever is happening, Opera and Windows are not working together as they are driving the Disk to "Max, 99%." This is not an issue on ... Brave browser, FF browser, Chrome browser, all of which I hate using!

  • @highdiskusage The idea is that you check the process ID on Windows' task manager and find it on Opera's task manager.

    Also, did you try those steps?

  • @leocg Opera opens with tabs that were last accessed. However, at the time of launch, the Disk immediately increases to 99% and stays there permanently. This issue is not appearing with any other browser or app. In Task Manager (Windows), I can expand the processes for Opera and that is where I see the file location for "ran launcher." All other file locations associated to Opera are not impacting the Disk. I am a pretty damn good researcher -- and I have found nothing on this problem yet it persists.

  • @leocg FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for replying! That moves me forward. In no other place was I able to find your suggestions, so your comments are exceedingly appreciated. What worked: I had already progressed through most of the "before posting, required steps" coincident to posting. But I did not delete the Opera profile. So I deleted the 2 folders: C:\Users\ ...\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable
    C:\Users\ ...\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable.

    I will see how that works and rename as a next step should the problem recur. Otherwise, I never understood what "flags" meant. And the PID was 7172 which is .... I don't know the browser. All other Opera PIDs showed no influence in this process (ie HDD max).

  • @highdiskusage Flags are experiments.

    You don't need to delete the profile folders, you can just rename them.