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  • Just started using this browser today and freaking love it. I have about 100 bookmarks that I want to import from Chrome, but when I go to Menu>More Tools> the "Bookmark Importer" is grayed out. What gives?

  • Hi Danny, you can simply copy the "Bookmarks", and the "Favicons*" files, from the Chrome's profile, to the Opera's profile.
    For more details, please have a look here, and here.

  • Only the bookmarks in the "Bookmarks bar" folder will appear though, since Opera lacks a menu or manager to access the root folder of bookmarks. So you might want to move your bookmarks there first or grab an extension that lets you see and manage these bookmarks.

  • The Bookmarks Importer works to import from Opera 12 to Opera 21, not for importing from Chrome. On Bookmark Managers, I use Neater Bookmarks now (a Chrome extension) which I like. Two others I've tried and thought pretty good were Tidy Bookmarks for Chrome and Chrookmarks.

  • No bookmarks, no use for a browser... I use a streamlined version of Chrome that uses bookmarks:

    They've - that MikroPC is a Finnish PC/technology magazine - stripped or blocked the espionage/spying components of Chrome. That's nice. And the app indeed uses good ol' bookmarks so it's a thing for me. I still don't like the Chrome/Opera UI, though. Not at all. After all, I've used Opera from the beginning, paid 35 bucks for it when it was payware in the nineties, and gathered some 400-500 kb's bookmarks file. So I'm used to it & miss it. However v12 ain't secure, so only wise deed is to move on.

    I'm afraid that by default that Kromi-Pocket has Finnish menus. Therefore, I don't know how to change the language. My point is, there could be same kind of operation (a stripped Chrome) going on in your country, a pocket version in a zip file that can be copied onto a usb stick, for example. Simple, effective. With bookmarks.

  • @fennomaniac

    I agree with you. No bookmarks, no use for a browser 🙂 The nice thing about Opera 21, though, is that it is super for bookmarking. You have the Speed Dial (with folders) (so that you can keep as many sites as makes you happy), the personal bookmarks toolbar (also a voluminous catch-all), Stash, etc.

    You can easily import the Chrome bookmarks. Make sure in Opera 21 you have got in Settings/Browser (Alt P), and under User Interface, a check in "Show the Bookmarks Bar." Then copy the bookmarks file from the Chrome profile, into the Opera 21 profile. And then get a good bookmarks manager. I use, as I mentioned, Neater Bookmarks (many others work similarly) (you can easily have folders within folders, ad infinitum, of bookmarks) I listed a few bookmark manager extensions that are reasonable in my previous post.

    I would also add in Opera, the "Add Bookmark extension" from the Opera store.

    It will help make bookmarking easier by giving you a "star" icon in the address bar to add a bookmark, as well as with a right click on a web page, a context menu item to add bookmark.

  • Thanks, lem729, for the recommendations. However, I have the Opera 21 in Opera 12 directory. I use v12 for rrs-feeds & (some) email. I'm not willing to fiddle with sub-directories so I won't screw things up.

    I have Opera Next 22 installed & am using it right now. (I prefer it exactly because it's in its own directory.) I did some searching and learned that the thing puts huge amount of data outside the Opera Next directory (into \Documents and Settings\ directories). No fun. I have to remove all that stuff and try to do a usb-installation so I could get everything into single directory.

    Also I learned that I just can't go to Chrome store and install a Chrome extension (except I use a Chrome instead of the Opera). Therefore, a question: into what directory you dropped the contents of the

  • Sorry, forget the question. I found the proper add-on.

    Edit: Actually, there'sno need for another bookmarks manager. It appears that copying the bookmarks from Kromi/Chrome into Opera Next added exactly the same "drawers" (or whatever) into bookmarks bar that I've had with Kromi/Chrome. The functionality I've missed is there - as long as I bother to keep the bookmarks bar on.