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Where are the bookmarks.

  • @azotovant said in Where are the bookmarks.:

    I've submitted a comment in this topic and it haven't been posted for some reason. Can someone explain why the Bookmarks were removed from the new browser? It seems to me that just saying that it's not relevant anymore is not a good answer. I've been using Opera for a very long time and I would like to use Opera Touch but I would like to have Bookmarks feature available and easy to access. Otherwise I'm not using it, staying on the old version or switching to other alternatives, which are plenty out there.

    Not sure, but Touch does not mean the end of the development of Opera Browser for Android. Personally I have no plans to install Touch and will continue with the normal Android Opera Browser, which has served me well.

  • @bbildman I agree. Spent years curating my bookmarks. Some took a LOT of searching which I see no reason to repeat.

    Search is a poor substitute for bookmarks. For one, I will either get too many matches, which I then have to scroll through anyway, or too few (i.e. none) because I can't remember some substring of the URL or the title. Opera does NOT do a web page content search. So why should I be forced to remember that?

    I am of the belief that the computer should do the work to lessen the burden of the human, not the other way around.

  • @jtgd At the end of the day, I do not believe Touch is meant to REPLACE Opera Browser for Andorid, but to rather supplement it for those who want this kind of Web browser. For me, I will stick to the BROWSER, it's seems that Opera Browswer (Android) is still being developed, I see forum posts about O46 Beta etc. - so there will be updates to our current OBFA

    The Beta Version is available on Google Play::

    Opera browser beta 46.0.2246.126895

  • Access to my 1400 plus bookmarks is essential for me. I try to use the Opera Android browser as much as I can, but it is easier and quicker to access my bookmarks using the Chrome mobile browser. So I find myself using Chrome mobile more than Opera mobile.

  • Removing bookmark is a very bad idea. I have many bookmarks stored and most of them to remember something. I do not agree what leocg said.
    This is such a Google-copycats, removing useful features for no reason and bring us bad features

  • Opera was first - back when Opera desktop version 15 came out it had no bookmarks. The users convinced them to put it back. Though I'm not sure why I'd want 1400 bookmarks on a phone ...

  • @sgunhouse My 1400 bookmarks have been accumulated over many years. My phone is my connection to the Internet world for 9 hours a day. Why should I not want to be able to access my bookmarks ? They are all organized into directories that are organized by subject matter. And right now I sync my bookmarks between my Chrome browsers on my computer and phone as well as my Opera browsers on my computer and my phone.

  • Sorry, but removing bookmarks is really a no go. Who does make that kind of decisions? It is okay to have shiny new features, but why are you taking away core features? Not to mention the missing speed dial ...

  • @leocg said in Where are the bookmarks.:

    @mmichel It's kinda automatic, the most visited pages should be on start page. Don't know if there is a way to manually do it.

    That's my point. It is not a site I visited often, but recently (and probably only once). And I think currently Flow only considers links from current Opera, not all the ones which are connected.

  • @mmichel Bottom line, I'll bet dollars to donuts that with the criticisms about "no bookmarks" - either they will include bookmarks in the next Touch updates or at some point discontinue Touch, and incorporate Touch features in the Opera for Android up the road. IMO, Touch is not something many will opt for, in addition to Opera for Android.

  • I know I sent them a list of 5 issues I had with it. My main issue was Top sites - it doesn't do top pages, only sites. If there is only one page I visit on a given site (my example was my local weather page) it still only gives me the "landing page" (the page you get if you type only the site address and nothing after the ".com" or whatever). Number 2 was that some features are intended for Portrait orientation - I use a tablet so Landscape is more natural. But then again I suppose tablets are not their target audience.

  • Guys, there is a better mobile browser called Opera for Android 🙂 This one is for casuals, very simplistic.

  • @xirit32 said in Where are the bookmarks.:

    Guys, there is a better mobile browser called Opera for Android 🙂 This one is for casuals, very simplistic.

    I think a casual would also be fine with Opera for Android ... and I also think that there seems no need for a browser without bookmarks. Just my two cents. I cannot accept excuses for such a UX disaster. 😉

  • You can go to top-right corner (three vertical dot) > Share > Add to Bookmarks (or other). It will put bookmarks on Home screen in Opera touch, not your device screen. But it will be main page of the site. If you choose Add to Firefox you will get choice "Bookmark" and "Open in Firefox". First choice giv you full URL to specific page right in your Firefox bookmarks. There is other Share options, one of them is ES Note Editor, again full URL, nice but if you try to put two or more URL - sorry, there be two ES Note Editor windows with same name but diferrent content, and Save and Save as will be grayed.

  • Right after installing Opera on my PC, importing all configs from Chrome, creating Opera account to hold my data, installing Opera Touch, and then to finally discover it has no Bookmarks?? No BOOKMARKS?? Really? From all the inventive features you guys ignored the simplest?? And the explanation is hilarious! Most visited sites and Saved urls are totally different things! Going back to Chrome.

  • I don't think many people get the idea of opera touch, it is not necessarily meant to be your main browser (the main opera for android works for that with your bookmarks etc) It's meant to be a quick continuation between desktop and mobile. (Hence the name flow, it flows between devices) The main screen lists your last 3 pages on your computer (means you don't have to bookmark it when running away from your computer at short notice) You can also "flow" paragraphs or sentences to yourself once again not requiring bookmarking. Or for a quick Google search the one handed flow browser excels at. Yes there is still room for improvement but it's still a "very" new browser. I can see it living along side the main browser very nicely. Or if successful incorporate some ideas into the main browser.

  • Flow does not need a separate browser - in fact having a separate app for just this functionality is a weird approach. No need to justify such a move.

  • Just came in here searching for the bookmarks, realizing that this is one of the most visited topics in this forum. The browser itself is pretty amazing. It's very small in size, has a very cool innovative features and is super fast. But bookmarks. This means I'll be forced to stick to the 'normal' Opera-browser for now.

    Maybe if you only visit 5 regular sites this won't be a problem. But for me with a huge list of sites I like to visit the choice between using a browser with or without bookmarks is an easy one. And only using the browser as an extension to my desktop browser also makes no sense. If I want to continue browsing on my mobile and decide to save a website then I can't.

    Besides, I can already open up my desktop tabs in the normal Opera Mobile browser, so why use Touch?

  • @bbildman said in Where are the bookmarks.:

    ... I have MANY arcane bookmarks that took me a long time to discover that involved MUCH searching. To abandon those bookmarks would be a kind of browser suicide for me. Who wants to try to retrace the steps I took to have found those sites in the first place, much work went into finding them

    You said it so well! Also sometimes I accidentally stumble across something I didn't know existed & would never find again without a bookmark.

    "Browser suicide" says it all. Losing bookmarks is not the only form of browser suicide, but it would do the trick.

    I don't see why we can't just have Flow as a option in Opera Mobile & Mini.

  • this is presumptuous at least

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