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  • opera suddenly crashed and all my tabs are gone and it doesnt seem like theres a restore point !
    I am working on a project and going trough the history is not working. and takes a lot of time.
    I need those tabs back and I dont see a way to recover them like I could with chrome.
    pretty please help me out

  • @ep311 If you don't see them listed under menu >history or in the tabs menu, I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done.

  • @ep311
    now really in this day and age??
    dunno know what possessed me to use it on one of my laptops!
    its really nuts to go trough all the history.
    why doesnt the browser come with a warning then ?
    I really need the last tabs !

  • @ep311 A crash can cause such problem in any software, that's why people (should) do backups of their important data.

  • umm I thought it works like it does with chrome and Mozilla.
    Why would anyone who reads online would ever use Opera if the recover of the last session is not always possible?
    thats one of the most important aspects of a browser.
    Im a girl and I have many interests 🙂 so ive got plenty of ram to cover all my tabs and a mean laptop so yeah I dont know why I used Opera in the first place but anyway I was hyper over some project for a few weeks so I wasnt my normal self... and it just shut everything down and reopened with any of my tabs so I believe that it updated or something...
    When does that ever happen with Chrome anymore?
    or Mozilla?
    Come on Opera guys you never look up this issue? and you never hit your own forum???
    Whats going on ?
    Its not like I was using Explorer or whatever its called now which is one of the worse thing that can happen to anyone.

  • so I take it that the Opera "operators" never read this forum??
    why are we using it then?:))

  • @ep311 This is an users' forum above all, people from Opera may come and answer sometimes but this is basically a way for users to try to help each other.

    And yes, they read the forums.

  • You can try Session Buddy. It's specifically made to handle crashes etc. Just install first so you can install Session Buddy.